Sunday, August 18, 2013

Setting Up My Room

Holy Moley, long time no blog!!  My apologies to all!!  Been trying to suck the last bit of summer out of the past few weeks.  Don't know about y'all, but I'm headed back to work tomorrow.  My kiddos will come for their first day of kindergarten next Monday!!  Got a lot to do and a lot more planned, make sure to keep checking back!!  Here are some pics of my classroom as it waits patiently for me to finish getting everything set up!
 This picture shows the view of my classroom from the front door.

Here is a shot of my storage closet!!  Room for improvement, but SO MUCH BETTER than it was!!

 This picture shows the lockers that my students use to store their belongings.  We spend some time the first week of school learning how to open and close them QUIETLY!!
 Here's a shot of the front of my classroom, you can see the SMART Board mounted to the chalkboard on the wall.  We spend A LOT of time learning how to use that piece of technology, but my littles love it!!
 This shot shows the side of my classroom located under the windows.  There are plenty of shelves behind all that stuff, and the door that leads to the outside playground.  I'll be getting our AWESOME custodians to help move around the heavier furniture.
 This is a shot of the back of my room.  I use fabric to cover the bulletin boards because it doesn't fade.
 This shows the back corner of my classroom, with a connecting door to a kitchenette as well as a connecting door to one of my team mate's classroom.
This is the butterfly bush located outside of our back door by the playground.  It got HUGE over the summer, ad there were SO MANY butterflies in it.  I really hope they are still there when my kiddos start!!

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