Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Product Sale

Happy Snow Day!!  Well, at least in my neck of the woods!  We had an unexpected 6 inches of snow fall yesterday, so schools were cancelled today.  I took to opportunity to finish up some activities I have been working on for this month.  Since there's less than two full weeks left of school (for me) before Christmas Break, I thought I'd put my newest creations on sale in the hopes that you can use them before Christmas has passed!  Please go check them out at my TPT store, on sale until Wednesday, December 11th!!  Click on the links and you'll go right there!!
This amazingly stuffed packet is full of Christmas themed centers you can use in your room during those last few weeks before Christmas vacation!  There are 2 different center activities for 5 different centers: Pocket Chart Center, ELA Center, Writing Center, Write the Room Center, and Math Center.
A great way to practice those subitizing skills, and works great as an activity to use with those students who are having a bit of a hard time understanding the numbers 1-10.  I use this with my RTI students, and they LOVE the cute gingerbread graphics.

 As always, please stop by and let me know how you are using these activities in your classroom!!  If you're enjoying a snow day or two, have a wonderful and relaxing mini-break from the stress of school!!  :-)


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