Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's a Chick!!

So sorry this post is late today, but we had some super exciting news in kindergarten!!  As part of our Embryology in the Classroom project, each of our three kindergarten classes received an incubator, and each incubator has three eggs.  We have been waiting and waiting for something to happen, and yesterday something finally did!!

My team mate, Danielle, had the first egg hatch.

This little guy had a rough start!  However, he has really perked up and is doing so very much better!  Her littles voted and his name is Muffin.  How cute is that!!  (Although many of the teachers in our building have taken to calling him 'Trooper' because of everything he went through during his first 24 hours!)  Danielle also had the SECOND egg to hatch!!

This tiny peeper got to move into the brooding house this morning and is now happily hanging out with Muffin.  Her littles named this one Raven, after our local football team!!  Love it!!! 

My other team mate, Heather, had the next chick hatch!

Isn't it crazy how different all the chicks look??  This little blondie was named Rosie by Heather's class. 

 My class was the last class to have an egg hatch.  Sometime last night we had our newest addition to Room 130!

Yesterday morning I noticed this tiny crack, and when I came in to school this morning, there was a chick waiting!

Our little baby has to stay in the incubator for 24 hours so he can dry off and get all of the fluid out of his little lungs.  Hatching out must be EXHAUSTING work, because our baby has been quiet and sleepy most of the day.  Trust me, you would HAVE to be exhausted to be able to fall asleep in this noisy room!!  We haven't gotten a whole lot done this morning due to all of the excitement, but my kinders did vote on a name for our baby.

These are the names they came up with.  After I listed them all on the SMART Board (and yes, it does make pretty much all handwriting look sloppy), I gave them each a number.  My littles then wrote the number of their choice on a 'secret ballot' (index card folded in half) and I tallied up their votes.

It was a close one, but our chick's name is Peep.  I'm really glad that one got the most votes, 'cause I thought it was a super cute name!!   I will be adding more pics of our 'chicklins' (one of our kiddos calls them that, how sweet!!) as they grow!  My kiddos are very proud chick mommies and daddies!!


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