Monday, January 27, 2014

First Five-Day Week!

Happy Monday fellow bloggers and blog hoppers!  Today is the first day in two weeks that we have reported to school on time!!  Crazy weather we're having in my neck of the woods!  The forecast isn't calling for any more snow this week, so there is a chance that we will have our first five-day week since 2014 started!  I won't know how to act!!

In my district, we have started working with a program called 'Sentence FUNdamentals', where students learn about the 5 main parts of a sentence.  They are learning that all sentences must start with a capital letter, end with punctuation, contain a verb and a noun, and they have to make sense.  We have been working hard on learning about nouns and verbs.  The littles in my room seem to be understanding what a verb is more so than what a noun is.  We're doing a review today on verbs, and discussing how they are actions words, or words that we can DO.  We have been reading stories and identifying the verbs in them, and then showing those verbs using our bodies.  We have been reading stories all about the weather, and today we are reading the story Little Snowflake's BIG Adventure by Steve Metzger.  I got mine through Scholastic, but you can follow the link to Amazon.

We will be identifying the verbs in this story as we read it, and acting out the ones we can.  After reading, the students are going to work on a writing prompt where they have to write about an adventure they would take with the snowflake and they have to use a verb in their sentences.  Here's the writing prompt we're going to use, if you can use it please feel free to grab it!

I hope you all have a great week, and I'm gonna try to get used to being here for 5 whole days!!


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