Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Substitute Time

It's Tuesday, and it's REALLY cold where I am this morning!  Thought for sure we would have a delay, but this is the second day in a row we've shown up on time for school!  Hopefully my littles all wear their winter jackets!

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, so I will have a substitute in my room.  Whenever I have a sub I like to leave some sort of writing prompt that the students can use to respond to a story as well as practice sounding out their responses.  For tomorrow I'm having my sub read one of Karma Wilson's books, Bear Snores On.  I LOVE the simple text and the awesome onomatopoeia that she uses.  Like most of my classroom books, I got my copy from Scholastic.  You probably already have this book, but just in case you don't here's the link to Amazon.

In my room we have been working really hard on learning the 5 Main Parts of a sentence, as stated through the 'Sentence FUNdamentals' program my district is using.  We have been working on making sure our sentences start with a capital, end with punctuation, have a noun and a verb, and make sense.  After listening to this story they are going to write about what they would do to try and wake up Bear.  They have to remember to have their sentence start with a capital letter, have punctuation at the end, contain a noun and a verb, and it must make sense.  They are going to work on this with the sub tomorrow, and we will discuss their writing when I come back on Thursday (I'll share some pics of my faves).  In case you ever need a super-quick and easy activity for a substitute, you can grab the simple writing prompt I made for my sub to use.

I hope this little freebie can come in handy for you!  Have a Terrific Tuesday!!


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