Friday, February 14, 2014

My Little Lilly!!

Happy Friday blogging friends!!  Even though the Super Bowl has passed, I am still sporting my Purple Friday Ravens shirt today!!  :-)  So very, very much has happened since my last post, can't wait to fill you in!!

  First and foremost, the most AMAZING thing happened!!  On Tuesday, January 21, my niece was born!  I was lucky enough to be with my sister throughout the whole entire delivery.  At 1:05 AM Lilly Adelaide Castanon entered the world at 6.5 lbs and 19 inches long.  I am SO IN LOVE!!
How stinkin' cute is she!!  I bought that outfit for her to come home in, and it was HUGE on her tiny little self!!  I didn't get home to 4 in the morning on Tuesday, so luckily for me that was one of the many snow days we had!

    During the many snow days we have had this year (including the past two days) I have been working on a lot of different activities.  Keep reading and at the end there's a special offer to celebrate my Little Lilly's Birthday!!

   One of the activities I made is to help my kinders practice identifying the partners of 5.  Since there's been so very much snow this winter, I themed it around that.  It's called the Snowy Shake and Spill, and my kiddos LOVED it!  After spilling out their double-sided counters and sorting them on the 10-frame, they find that number sentence on their recording sheet and dot it with a BINGO dotter.  I don't know about y'all, but my kinders LOVE everything to do with using BINGO dotters.

Once the spill out their 5 double-sided counters (I made some to go with the activity, in case you don't have any in your room) they sorted them on the ten-frame and then used a dry-erase marker to write the number partner.

Once they wrote their sentence, they found the matching number partner on their recording sheet and used the BINGO dotter to mark it off.  This activity does involve multiple tools and steps, but my Dragons ROCKED it!!  It comes in color as well as black and white, cause we all know ink is expensive!!  Follow the link above or click on the picture to go to my TPT store and snag a copy for yourself!

Besides using BINGO dotters, my kinders LOVE to play BUMP!  There are so many different versions of this classic game, and there are lots of teachers out there who use it and love it.  In case you're not familiar with BUMP!, students play in pairs to try and put two counters on an answer to make that space 'safe'.  If there's only one counter on the answer, they can get BUMPED! off.  I created a version to go along with all this lovely snow we've been having.  Since my favorite thing to do after shoveling myself out is to have a cup of hot cocoa, I decided to make the activity centered around hot chocolate and the toppings we put on it.  So, I call this activity Topping Hot Chocolate: Number BUMP and DOT for the Numbers 1-18.

There are two activities in this packet, one BUMP! and one DOT IT!  Both activities are differentiated into three levels.  For Level 1, students roll 1 die and find the numbers 1-6 to DOT or cover up with a counter when playing BUMP.  Level 2 uses 2 dice, and Level 3 uses 3 dice.  I made up some counters that can be used to cover up the numbers when playing BUMP, but I think that using mini-chocolate bars and mini-marshmallows as counters would be SO MUCH MORE FUN!!

Finally, something I came up with while I was waiting for Lilly to make her appearance.  I have always loved to color, ever since I was a little kid.  I am able to forget about things for a while and be as creative as I want.  Since ink is getting so expensive, I thought I would try something new.  I am working on a new series of activities called 'Color Your Own!'  For this series, every activity I create will be done in black and white so that you can use your own creativity to color the pieces.  Or you can have your students color them.  OR, like my fabulous friends in first grade, you can keep them black and white and laminate them that way.  So many possibilities!!

I am in the process of making several more 'Color Your Own!' activities, so please keep checking back with me!!  To celebrate the arrival of my Little Lilly, I am throwing a SALE!!!  From today through Monday, EVERYTHING in my store will be 20% off!  So stock up while you can!!  Check back with me tomorrow, when I share with you all about our Snowman STEM project!!


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