Friday, September 11, 2015

Spotlight Saturday 9-12-15

It's the weekend!!! I now many of you have been in school for several weeks while others have just started. Today marked Day 12 for me, and we have YET to have a 5-day week!!
Since it's Saturday that means it's time to link up for Spotlight Saturday!

My Spotlight today is short and sweet, but definitely from the heart!!

My district has this incredibly wonderful amazing department called Print and Distribution. In this land of awesomeness, there is a team of 3-4 men and women who spend their days fulfilling the printing requests of people in our county.
Anyone who works in our district, from custodian to teacher to administration, can make a request from Print and Distribution.
The amazing folks who work here are so incredible I just had to share their awesomeness with you all!!

Here's how it works. I fill out a request form, which instructs P&D with what I want. I attach my document and email it to them with the request form. Now the magic happens!
P&D will print WHATEVER I want, HOWEVER many copies I want! They will print it on whatever type and color of paper I want, literally any shade you can think of. My go-to has always been thick white cardstock.
They will print my documents IN COLOR on the cardstock, however many copies I request.

Hold on, it gets even better!! Not only will they print my resources in color, but they will then LAMINATE every. single. page. No joke, it could be 300 pages (and yes, that has happened before!) and they will print each page on cardstock, in color, and then laminate each and every one. After each page is laminated, they slice them apart and trim up the edges. Finally, they send me my documents through our school mail system.

How INCREDIBLE is that??!! They will even create giant posters and bound books. We can send them things to be laminated, too. If I have a stack of resources I mounted on construction paper, I can send them the whole stack to be laminated. They'll laminate and trim up every page then send them back to me.

I'm sorry I have no pictures, but you'll have to take my word for it that these folks are so incredibly wonderful. They have saved my life at the beginning of each year, helping me to get my classroom ready by printing and laminating everything I need. I am so incredibly grateful for this department in my district.
Do you have anything like our Print and Distribution? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Oh my wow -that sounds amazing! Wish we had something like that here! Thanks for another fab linkup this week! :)

  2. How incredible fortunate you are to work for such incredible district! It must be wonderful not having to spend your own color ink printing all your fabulous resources! Not only that but also laminating! Amazing!

  3. You're one lucky duck! If you read my post, you'll get the pun. :-)

    I thought I must have stumbled upon an April Fool's joke, because what you described is hard to believe. My district has nothing like this. I agree with Teaching Autism and Tweets from Kindergarten -- very lucky!

    Thanks for the linkup!


  4. What an amazing resource! It makes a lot of sense, and saves a ton of time, I'm sure. I am printing your post to take in to our never hurts to share great ideas with the ones who can actually make it happen, right?