Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spotlight Saturday 9-19-15

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you have all been having an amazing year so far! My year is going well, I'm just so very tired every day after school! My ankle aches and I sit down on the couch when I get home and end up falling right asleep!!
I apologize for the late start to Spotlight Saturday today! I can't wait to see what you link up with!

It's been a while since I've Spotlighted anything of my own creation, so I decided to be a bit selfish today and share a few things from my store! 

These are some activities my team mates and I will be using this week. We are going to be focusing on shapes in math, so my Basic Shape Roll, Trace, and Color FREEBIE is PERFECT!

This is an activity we'll do as a small group, and then it will get added to a Math with Someone station. It's a pretty simple activity. Print out the shape cubes, one for each kiddo in your group. Assemble them by folding on the dotted lines and taping them shut.
Students roll the cube and find that shape on their recording sheet. Starting at the smiley face, they trace the shape they have rolled. To keep it fun, I let my Dragons use a crayon that matches the color of the shape they rolled.
You could have students work on this on their own, or in pairs. In pairs, you only need one sheet and one cube. Students choose a color of crayon (Student A chooses blue and B chooses red) and when they roll a shape they trace it in their color crayon. Once all the shapes are traced, count up how many each student traced and compare.

During our ELA and Social Studies times, we'll be learning about the jobs of an author and illustrator. Students will focus on the definition of each job as well as the tools each job needs.

There is a set of color and black and white sorting activities. Students can use the color set at a pocket chart center, and the black and white version as an assessment piece.
Have students sort the circle cards without giving them parameters, just telling them to sort the cards how they think makes sense. Ask them why they sorted their pieces the way they did, and compare how different students sorted them.
Then, give them the category labels and ask them to resort the pieces. After the second sort, have students justify why they put each piece in the category. Many tools pictured can be considered to be tools used by both an author and an illustrator, and as long as students can reasonably justify their sorting, the pieces should be accepted.

Another assessment activity has students drawing and labeling three different tools used by each job. Students then choose one of the tools they drew and write about how an author/illustrator would use it or what they would use it for.

Another assessment you could use would be a cut and paste sorting activity where students are given a few sheets of tool images that they must sort into whether or not they would be used by an author or an illustrator. There are two sorting sheets, one where students have an option to have a 'Both' category. 
I think that these activities are really going to help my team and I decide if students truly understand the concepts we are teaching them!

Click on the images below to head to my TPT store and get a copy for yourself!

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  1. I love both of these products you shared!! The Basic Shape Roll, Trace, and Color is perfect for my classroom this week!!

  2. So gutted I missed last weeks - can't wait for this weeks, got my post ready :)

  3. I also love that the kids at Phoenix kindergarten are from all different backgrounds. Having that diversity is important to me. Growing up in diverse environment really helps the kids.

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