Monday, October 21, 2013

Literature Links

Happy Monday!!  Our students have off today because we have a full day of Professional Development.  Lots of meetings today, so wanted to get a quick post up and out there!  I STILL have no internet at home, and it's MAKING ME CRAZY!!!
   During Social Studies this marking period we have been learning all about ourselves and our feelings, and we have been reading a lot of stories about feelings.  Reading stories isn't just something that I love and my littles love, but it gives them something to make a connection to.  They can find details in the story that may have happened in their lives or in the life of someone they know.  When we did our week on Bullying Prevention (October is Bully Awareness Month, and coincidentally it is also National Pit Bull Awareness Month) we read all sorts of wonderful literature examples of  preventing bullying.  So when we did our discussion on feelings, one of my favorite examples of a story about feelings is 'When Sopie Gets Angry, Really Really Angry' by Molly Bang.  (click the picture to get a copy from if you don't have one of your own!)

I love how this story has such incredible illustrations for when Sophie gets really, really angry.  My favorite one to discuss with my littles in when she feels like a volcano that will explode and when she roars her anger.  It always leads to a great discussion about what they do when they get angry, and then we can discuss good choices for how they handle their anger.  They love to share about times when they were angry about something, and they love to help each other figure out ways to handle their anger.  After our discussion, they got a chance to draw and write about a time they got really, really angry.  After they write about what made them angry they were to write and draw about what a good choice would be to help with their anger.  If you're interested in doing this lesson with your kiddos, please click on the Literature Link below and you can have the writing page that we completed after reading the story.  Hope you all have a great week!!
For some reason my Literature Link didn't include the credit for the fonts that I LOVE to use, so here's where I get them!!  Jen Jones has some AMAZING fonts, and many of them are free for personal use.  You'll have to go check them out!!  Click on the image to head over to her blog!!


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