Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Littlest Dragon

OMG, something AMAZING has happened in Room 130!!!  A few weeks ago I applied for a grant through the organization Pets in the Classroom (  They are a non-profit organization that believes every classroom should have a pet in order for students to learn more about them as well as how to be responsible when caring for a pet.  The grant covers the animal's habitat as well as a 50% off coupon for the animal itself.  There were MANY choices of class pets, including mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  I chose the bearded dragon, since we are the Kindergarten Dragons I thought that was PERFECT!!  Well, in the mail yesterday I received a letter from them that said 'Congratulations, you were approved!!'  I was SO EXCITED I had to run out to PetCo. that night and pick up our newest dragon!!!  How stinkin' cute is he!?!?!?
I am already so very much in love with him!!  He's SO TINY!!!  That's him next to his food dish, see how TINY he is!!  He'll get much bigger, the size of my forearm!!  He has been a huge hit in my classroom, and student's voted on their name choices today.  Their ideas for names are 'Fire Wings', 'Blaze', 'Hot Wings', and 'Draco'.  I'm partial to 'Blaze', but I haven't counted up the votes yet.

See the awesomely AMAZING habitat set-up that was covered by the grant??  Since he's a desert critter, he needs two special day-time heat lamps and one special night-time heat lamp (included in the kit).  My dad provided the mini-lock for the tank so my littles can't get him out, and since this week is Bully Prevention/Drug Awareness Week my kinders thought our dragon needed a red ribbon of his own!

My kinders have decided that he is a REALLY REAL dragon and the reason he doesn't have his wings and fire yet is because he's a baby, and if we are responsible and take good care of him he will grow up to be a big and strong dragon with wings and fire!

Plus, since he is a kindergarten dragon it has been decided that he needs to learn his ABCs.  So, I found some vinyl-clings that we have stuck onto the side of his tank so he can work on mastering his alphabet! (Having some trouble getting that pic to load, but as soon as I can I'll make sure to share!!)

If you're able to have a pet in your classroom, you really need to go check out!!


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