Monday, October 7, 2013

Shoe Tying

Happy Sunday!!  Seeing as how the Ravens won today, it's a very good Sunday indeed!!
  Do you teach your littles a lesson on shoe-tying?  Is it a lesson that a part of you dreads having to teach?  Be honest!! I definitely feel that way when it's time to break out the fake shoes and work on teaching my munchkins how to tie those shoes!  This year I found something that seems to spark an interest in  learning to tie their own shoes.  MANY, MANY, MANY thanks to Michelle Rist over at Inspired by Kindergarten for creating such an amazingly awesome freebie!!  She has definitely been a life-saver in my classroom this year!!  I know you have all heard of, and probably love, the Pete the Cat books.  Well, my kinders LOVE Pete the Cat and his fancy shoes and buttons.  Recently we read one of our favorite books, Pete the Cat's I Love My White Shoes.  We talked about how Pete wants us to BE Safe (one of our Bainbridge BEs) and how he doesn't want us walking around without our shoes tied tight.  I told my littles that Pete is going to help us learn by creating a Pete the Cat Shoe Tying Club!  He has sent us all the materials we need to set up our club.

Each student gets to choose a pair of shoes that they can sign their name to when they learn how to tie their shoes.  This gets put on the wall so that everyone can see.

He also sent each of us our very own License to Tie that we can earn and keep forever and ever.  I laminated them to try and help them last a little bit longer!  My kiddos get SO EXCITED when they get to show off their license!!

Pete has also sent us certificates that we get when we have learned to tie our shoes, and he signed them and EVERYTHING!!!

I have  shoe-tying center in my classroom that my students are FINALLY excited about going to!  During our recess block,  I allow them to show me if they know how to tie their shoes.  If they can show me, they get to become a card-carrying member of the Pete the Cat Shoe Tying Club.  If shoe-tying is something you teach and/or encourage in your classroom, you DEFINITELY need to go check out Michelle's amazing freebie!!


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