Monday, June 30, 2014

Mix it Up Monday AND Following Free Font Friday

Happy Monday!!  So very sorry that I missed getting to blog all last week!!  I could not kick a migraine, and it's been hanging around for WAY TOO LONG now!!  On top of that, I had my niece Lilly while my sister was at work.  I must give MAD PROPS to all of the mommies out there who are able to work and blog and create things for TPT while handling your little ones!!  Lilly is only 5 months old but boy did she keep me hopping!!  How could you not love this face though??

Here are a few goals I'm working on for the summer.  Mind you, I mean just a FEW.  As teachers I know we ALWAYS have TONS of goals to accomplish and items to check off of our To Do Lists, and I would never have time to share them all!!  So, just a few.


I have been thinking a lot about my TPT store and how to make it even better.  I currently have 74 products listed in my store, with over 20 freebies.  I have decided that my goal for the summer is to get 100 products in my store before school starts again in August.  I'm not sure if that's a goal I'll be able to accomplish, but I'm gonna give it my best effort!!  I do so enjoy checking things OFF my To Do Lists, so I created this little graphic to help count down to my being able to Create To 100 and get 100 products up in my TPT store, as well as adding to my collection of freebies!!  I think I'm more than a bit OCD (or, as my cousins Colleen and Heather call it, CDO since that puts all the letters in ABC order) when it comes to creating.  It's a lot like scrap booking for me, and I really enjoy making new creations.  Part of me wishes it didn't take so long to create them!!  Case in point, this little graphic took me well over an hour to get it looking how I wanted.  Okay, closer to two hours.  Does that mean I have a problem??  I used the awesome creations from Creative Clips (graphics) and Teachers Third in Georgia (font) to make my little count down picture!!


If you are a TPT regular you may have noticed that they have made a few changes.  If you are a TPT seller, there are even more changes.  One of the newest is their Feedback Section, where they have categorized the paid purchases downloaded and the freebies downloaded.  This provides an option where you can go leave a rating and feedback in the form of comments to the creator of the activity or clip art.  

I have always commented and provided feedback on purchases I have made on TPT because of the credits you can earn toward future purchases.  How selfish is that of me??  Anyway, I try to leave comments for the freebies I download, but I will be the first to admit that I don't leave comments for anywhere NEAR all of the freebies I have downloaded from TPT.  This newest feature tracks your downloaded freebies back as far as January of 2014.  If I have had this many downloads in only a short six (almost seven) months, I can only imagine how many I have had since I found TPT in 2012.

So I decided I really needed to go back and make sure I have left a rating and comment for ALL of the freebies I have downloaded since January of 2014.  I'm thinking if I can rate and comment on at least 10 a day (give or take) then I should be able to be caught up with all of them by the end of the summer.  I, as a seller, know how frustrating it can be when you put your hard work and creativity out there and there is no feedback at all, negative or positive.  Everyone needs to hear they're doing a good job every now and again, we are human after all.  :-)


I have been following the AWESOME linky party hosted by The Teaching Tribune.  They actually have a different linky party for every day of the summer, but so far I have only linked up with Friday. (I'm thinking of trying a few more!!)   This is their Free Font Friday linky.  I have never, ever created a font.  However, I simply love to add different fonts to my Font Book.  I know there are many others out there who love fonts just as much.  I want to share their posts so anyone who reads my little blog may learn about this awesome linky and go check it out for themselves.  I missed being able to post on this past Friday, but I wanted to share with you the fonts I grabbed.  Better late than never, right?

There are some truly awesome fonts up for grabs this week!!  There is a new blogger featured this week with a super-cool font freebie.  I just LOVE the name!!

Don't forget to check out the rest of the bloggers who have linked up for this Free Font Friday (unlike myself, they actually create fonts and are offering up some freebies!!)

I found an AWESOME free font that I simply LOVE!!  It isn't part of the linky party, but I wanted to share it with you anyway!!  It is created by Teaches Third in Georgia and is called TTG Scribble Fonts.  It is absolutely PERFECT to use on a black background or a chalkboard-type background.  Best of all, it's FREE!

If you don't have this font yet, make sure to hop over to TPT and download it for yourself!!  Just follow the picture above!  Don't forget to leave some feedback!!


I've decided to link up with The Teaching Tribune to do another one of their linky parties.  On Mondays, they have Meet Up Mondays.  This is a day dedicated to learning more about the different bloggers who have linked up.

They have even provided a little template where we can state three things we are thankful for.  So, here goes!!

I had a lot of fun writing today's post, and am working on my post for tomorrows Book Talk Tuesday, and I think I'll link up with The Teaching Tribune again for their Tuesday linky party.  Make sure to check back with me tomorrow!!


  1. Really nice to meet you via the linky :-) I totally agree feedback is so nice to receive for all the hard work you put in to the products you make and post to TpT - I always comment if no comments or less than three but don't always comment if there are lots of previous good comments left. Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

    1. Thank you so very much for leaving a comment!! I am so grateful to get to meet so many awesome bloggers via the linky parties!! I hope you come back and visit my little blog again soon!! I love your rules for leaving feedback, what a time saver!! :-)