Friday, September 12, 2014

Finally Friday

TGIF = Teacher's Grateful It's Friday!!  I saw that on Facebook, and thought it was so cute!!  Here's something else I found on Facebook today!!

This is the first full five-day week I've had with my Dragons, though it is Day 12 of kindergarten.  I can definitely relate to this today!!  I'm just SO DRAINED by the time Friday finally makes an appearance.  There were days this week where I was truly afraid of falling asleep on the drive home!!!  CRAZY!!

How was your week?  Can you relate to the picture, too?  :-)  I hope you have an incredibly wonderful weekend!!


  1. Cute cartoon and so true! I've had 9 days and survived but I was suffering from allergies most of the week so that added to the exhaustion. Have a good & restful weekend!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. Ugh, nothing like being sick to start the school year!! Or to be a few days into the school year and have your littles share their germs with you!! Hope you get to feeling better soon and are able to enjoy the weekend!! :-)