Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thankfuls

Hi there friends!!  I am sorry about not being more on schedule with my blogging since school started, but I forgot how crazy busy/exhausting the first few weeks of kindergarten are!!  I have only been with my kinders for 11 days now, but I feel they are getting to the point where they are comfortable with their daily routines.  They are now walking down to the classroom on their own once they get off the bus, they are choosing their own breakfast/lunch items, and are getting much better at sitting on the rug.  Are we still working on all of those things?  Of course!  Those and many, many more!!  :-)  However, I am starting to relax my constant vigilance of their every movement. They are able sit for longer periods of time before needing a GoNoodle Break (we take LOTS of 'Brain Breaks' using GoNoodle...we're on our third champ and have only been in school for eleven days....) and they are getting better at remembering Daily 5/3 and center rules.  I am loving this awesome group of tiny people, and am enjoying seeing them grow!!

I know that I have a lot of things in the works, both blogging and creating, but I wanted to take a moment today and share some things I'm thankful for.  On a day where we lost so many (including my cousin, who was a fire fighter that lost his life as one of the first responders that day 13 years ago), I am still aware that there are people who are thankful to have survived (like the woman my cousin brought down to ground level before he went back for another and never returned).  I wanted to share a few things from my week that I am thankful for.  Don't worry, this will be quick-ish!!  :-)

If you have ever searched for super-adorable clip art to help you complete a project or activity, chances are you have come across Krista Wallden.  If you, seriously, where have you been??  Just kidding, but really if you have not heard of her awesomeness please click on the link or picture and head over to her TPT store!!  Not only does she have a little bit of everything, but she uses the same shades of colors in all of creations.  This means that while they are fabulous on their own, they become simply marvelous when you pair them with some of her backgrounds/borders/other clip art because all of the colors match!!  Well, as you may have guessed, I am a huge fan of her clip art.  I own many of her sets, and have many more on my Wish List.  Now, I don't know about you, but whenever I purchase something from TPT I make sure to take the time to rate and leave feedback.  I try very hard to leave feedback that is meaningful to the product as well as being a resource for potential buyers.  I understand how busy TPT sellers can be and that many of them simply don't have to time to respond to the feedback left on their activities.  I know that sometimes it has been days after a comment was posted on one of my products before I was able to respond, and I can't even imagine how many comments those Top Sellers get!!  Imagine my complete surprise when Krista Wallden took the time out of her busy day to respond to one of my comments!!  I was so thankful for that I simply had to share!!

AAHH!!!  How AWESOME is that??  I was totally floored, and her thoughtfulness definitely put a smile on my face!!  Thank you so much, Krista!!  :-)

I am so INCREDIBLY thankful to have two such AMAZING administrators!!  Our school's principal and vice principal make such a great team, and they are always supportive of their staff and students.  Our elementary school has over 600 students, but our administration makes time each day to make a connection with each student, even if it's just walking through their classroom and giving them a smile.  They are both completely approachable and have always worked so hard to help us with whatever issues or concerns we have.  They always 'have our backs' when dealing with those not associated with our staff.  They are wonderful at spear-heading different initiatives, which has led us to be a PBIS Gold Medal School, a Maryland Green School, and a Baywise School.  They have helped to create an environment where not only the students feel safe and respected, but so do the teachers and every other staff member.  They make sure to let us know how appreciated we are, and it really makes a difference in morale.  Since I knew I could approach them with any idea and they would hear me out, I asked them if they would help us kick off our Super Friends Awards.  
Yes, that is our principal and vice principal dressed as super heroes.  Let me take you back to the beginning of last year, when early one morning two super-hero capes and masks showed up on their desks.  Now, we have many crafty ladies at our school.  Knitters, quilters, and alpaca farmers that dye and spin their own wool, to name a few.  No one knows who made these or how they got to the desks of the principals.  The ones who do know have done an incredibly excellent job of keeping it a secret, because to this day we still don't know.  It's a mystery.....  Well, since their arrival last year, our administrators have donned their super hero costumes and periodically traveled up and down the halls, high-fiving every student in the school (since we all get to go stand in the hallway while they 'fly' around the school.  This year, I had this idea....would they dress up as their 'alter-personas' and help us introduce the Super Friends?  I wasn't sure if they would be down for it, but I was TOTALLY wrong!!  They got so excited to help, and they did such an AMAZING job!!  They helped our kinders understand what it is to be a Super Friend and encouraged them to join Captain Kindness and the Fab Friends.
I created this outline for them to follow as they introduced each of the Super Friends as well as how the kinders could become Super Friends.

Let's just say our kinder were enthralled!!  They were excited to meet Captain Kindness and his trusty sidekick Sergeant...

as well as the rest of the Fab Friends and their sidekicks.

Our kinders learned that when they become a Super Friend, they can earn certificates,


and badges!

Best of all, they get a BOOK!
For your Super Boys...

and your Super Girls!  The entire class writes about what makes him or her a Super Friend!

You can get all the awards, bracelets, badges, and class book by purchasing my Super Friends Awards Pack in my TPT store.

Soon I'll be updating this pack with the presentation my administrators used to kick this off for us, as well as some more styles of award certificates and bracelets.  Get it now before the price goes up!!  As soon as it's ready for relaunch, I'll be blogging all about exactly how I use this in my classroom!!  Teaser: It involves capes.

What is something you are thankful for today or this week or just in general?  Have a wonderful rest of your week!!


  1. Oh, Erin - I think you just inspire everyone around you and I am certain that your Principal and Vice-principal think they are very lucky to have you on their team - they are obviously true superheroes for your school too - a wonderful post - Thank You!!
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by to leave such incredibly sweet feedback!! I love what I do, and I'm very lucky to have an administration that loves what they do too!! It's so wonderful to get to work in a place where everyone is more like family and good friends than just simply coworkers! :-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Wow! This is awesome, your kinders are luck to have you! I'm sure this program will be a great motivator!

    1. Aww, thank you so much. That is so sweet of you! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such kind comments!! :-) You rock!!