Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday

Tuesday means that I am linking up with Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump's Class for her Book Talk Tuesday linky.  This is my most favorite linky party, because it centers around one of my biggest obsessions - books!!  Every Tuesday, bloggers from near and far link up to share glimpses and synopsis of their favorite books.  These books are usually picture books/children's literature (SCORE!!!), but there are plenty of professional development and mysteries and dramas....all kinds of books!!  Something else I love about this linky is that so many of the bloggers link up with a picture of the cover of the book they're going to be sharing.  Scrolling through and looking at the book covers always either sparks a memory (Hey, I have that book!!) or a wish (Oohh, that is a book I NEED to own!!).  I have even found myself going back to prior Tuesdays this summer and checking out all the books that are being discussed.  Truly, this is a great resource to have available!!!  Tons of book reviews written by actual TEACHERS who have actually used the books in their classrooms.  They share the books, how they use them in the classroom, and many times even provide a freebie to go with it!!  If you haven't checked out this linky yet, you really need to!!  You can click on the Book Talk Tuesday at the bottom of this post to hop on over to Mrs. Jump's Class and read about how she uses Clark the Shark in her classroom!

This week I'm going to share with you a book I like to read during the first few days of school. 
This book is called You Get What You Get, written by Julie Gassman and illustrated by Sarah Horne.  I got my copy through Scholastic, but you can find this book HERE on if you're interested!!

Many of my kinders have already heard the phrase 'You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" at least once before they get to my classroom, so many of them are excited about this book because they can relate to that rule.

The story starts out by introducing us to Melvin, and we learn that he is not a fan of disappointment.  Who is, right?  <we take some time here to examine the illustration and talk about what we notice or what we wonder>

Here we learn that Melvin doesn't handle disappointment well at all.  It seems he has a complete meltdown whenever he doesn't get his way, even when it is as something as insignificant as not getting as many chocolate chips in your cookie as your sister did.

He even throws fits when his mom is around.  He wasn't thrilled when his mom bought him the 'wrong' backpack, and he showed his disappointment by screaming and jumping up and down on the offensive backpack.  We also stop here and discuss the illustrations.  I always ask them how their grown-ups would react if they did what Melvin did.  One of my more observant kinders notice Momma Squirrel has her fist clenched.  This little dragon told me that means 'She is ANG-GRY!!'

We soon learn how much he HATES his teacher's favorite rule: You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

HOWEVER, because of this rule, he is allowed to throw a fit, no matter what happens, whether it be having to be the last in line or

getting stuck with a pink napkin at lunch.  While Melvin doesn't not throw fits at school because of this rule, we learn how very glad he is that his family doesn't know about this terrible rule!!

Fast forward to that night at home where there is a discussion about which movie to watch.  It is Melvin's turn to choose, however his sister REALLY wants to watch her pony movie.

In perfect little-kid style, Melvin pulls his trump card and tells his sister that you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  He was so excited to throw that in her face that he didn't stop to think about what he was saying, in front of his entire family.

Making sure they understand this rule, his family poses several situations to Melvin and asks if they are times when he should throw a fit.  Like when he doesn't get enough chocolate chips or

when he doesn't get the backpack he wanted.  Melvin is aghast to realize his family now knows about the TERRIBLE RULE.

Trying desperately to back peddle, he informs them that it doesn't really matter since that is a school rule and most definitely NOT a home rule.

Much to his surprise (and disappointment) his family decided to adopt this wonderful rule.  Melvin very, very much wanted to throw a fit, but he didn't.

After all, rules are rules!!

I like this book because it helps my littles understand that it is not okay to throw a fit when you don't get your way.  We use this book as a way to brainstorm better solutions to a problem.  I also draw their attention to the last illustration, where the entire family is sitting down to enjoy a movie together.  I ask them how they think Melvin feels, and if they think he would have been enjoying his evening if he had thrown a fit for not getting to watch the movie he wanted to.  I also make sure to point out that they are indeed watching the movie his sister wanted to watch, and I ask them if they think that is fair.  It is interesting to hear their view points and opinions on this, since some of them are the youngest, the oldest, or the only.  I like reading this book during the beginning of the year and I hope that you will too!!

Don't forget to jump over to Mrs. Jump's Class where she shares about the book Clark the Shark, ties it into Discovery Channel's Shark Week this week (AWESOME!!), compares it to a non-fiction book about shark, AND offers up lesson ideas with a FREEBIE to go with it!!!  :-)  p.s. - I LOVE Book Talk Tuesday!!


  1. What a super book, Erin. I think I will recommend it to be read to some of our children who might need a little reminder after the school holidays! :-) Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

    1. What a great idea to read it as a reminder after a holiday break!! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such great feedback!! I hope things are going well for you!! :-)