Monday, August 4, 2014


Tell me you've heard about the huge TPT sale that is going on RIGHT NOW??!!  Unless you've been under a rock (or are just now coming back from vacation....) you should know that TPT is having a HUGE Back to School sale!!  This is a super-wonderful opportunity to get all stocked up for the start of the school year!!  I have had my cart stocked for DAYS now, and was so excited to go buy it all!!!  Now I'm just waiting for everything to finish downloading so that I can get to creating!!  Is it bad that I'm contemplating spending even MORE money at TPT before the sale is over???.....

Anywho, here are  a few things you can pick up at my store.  Did you know my store is on sale for 28% OFF???!!!!  All you have to do is use the code BTS14 at checkout time to get 8% off of my already 20% off store!!  Pretty awesome!!!  

You can get all sorts of beginning of the year activities in my store that you can save big on during this sale!!

This is a super-fun Write the Room activity that your littles can work on to practice counting up a set of objects and matching it to a numeral.  This little gem focuses on the numbers 0-10 and is a great activity for your littles to work on independently while you meet with other students!!

This is a really awesome center activity that you can create for a center during your math rotations.  Or, if you're trying Guided Math this year, this can be a Math with Self or Math with Someone Else activity.  (We've been doing 'guided math' in our district for many years, but this year our kindergarten team is going to model it after the Daily 3 model created by those AMAZING sisters of the Daily 5 and Daily CAFE!!!)

I really like using Write the Room activities in my classroom, and my kinders really like them too!!  This is my newest product, a Write the Room for the very beginning of the year.  Students will need to use a response sheet and find the different school-related posters throughout the room.
The response sheets get copied back-to-back, and students use a clipboard to walk around the room searching for the posters containing the pictures that match the ones on their sheets.
These posters get placed around your room wherever you want to put them.  I try to space mine out around the room so my kinders can get a chance to get up an moving.  I also try to place one or two in a 'tricky' spot.  This usually makes the activity last longer because they have to search for the last one or two boxes on their page.  Once students find the matching picture, they have to look at the two choices inside the circles.  If you are having them ID the letters, they will need to write down the letter they see.  Vice versa if you're having them search for numbers.  I know that some littles aren't quite ready to copy from a model when they first get to school, so I included another version of the recording sheet.
For this version, they only have to color in the circle that contains the letter or number they are searching for.  Having two versions of the recording sheet means that I can differentiate for the needs of my littles and make sure that every kinder has a sheet they can work with.  This means that every kinder will be working during the rotation time.  When they are finished finding the letters/numbers, I have them sit down and color in the pictures.  They can use their clipboards to sit anywhere in the room <within reason> to color in.  They like getting the chance to work in different locations around the room.

There are plenty of other activities in my store, too!!  Stock up on things you'll need later on this school year while you can!!

 Make sure to head over to my store and check out my other products, then do a little more TPT shopping before checking out and using the code BTS14!!!  Happy Shopping!!!!


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