Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Ideas Linky Party

Hi everyone!!  Did you just finish up your first week of school?  How did it go?  Are your littles back in school yet?  I am linking up today with Miss V's Busy Bees for her Bright Ideas linky party.  You really need to check out the rest of the ideas on this linky after you're done reading!!  :-)

I have spent my past week getting my classroom set up.  I am very, very grateful for having such an extended amount of time before we have to 'officially' return to school.  The first few days before the kiddos arrive are usually so filled with meetings and what not that it is hard to get anything done in the classroom.  I am incredibly lucky to have a principal who allows us to plan together as a team and get into the building to set up our classrooms, and I couldn't be more grateful.  On Tuesday, this is what I walked into.

 This is the view from the front door of my classroom.  The top picture shows the left side of my room, and the bottom picture shows the right side.  I decided to totally rearrange my classroom this year, so while having everything piled into the center of the room was trying at times, it was also perfect for moving things into the spots I wanted them.  Luckily for me, I had my nephew Mason to help me move furniture!!

My bright idea is one I saw on Pinterest.  I cannot find the Pin anywhere, which reminds me that I never finished my Pinterest Makeover.  Sigh.  Anywho, I'm sure it's a Pin you've seen.  I have also seen it on Facebook.  This bright idea is for hanging resources up on walls that are painted.  In other words, this is a safe way to hang things on your walls without getting in trouble for destroying them.  It involves using painter's tape, and/or hot glue.  First, you outline the space you need on the wall in painter's tape.  Then you either apply double-sided tape or hot glue ON TOP OF the painter's tape, and attach your resources.
This is a frame I made for my Word of the Day poster.  I applied the painter's tape to the wall after I measured it against the edges of the poster.  Then I put up double-sided tape, and attached the poster.  You have to be extra-sure when you line up the poster, because it's a pain to try and take down to readjust it. The double-sided tape will either stick to the painter's tape or the poster, but of course never just one or the other.  Also, when the painter's tape gets pulled off the wall it begins to curl and twist, which can make it tricky.  After I tried this method, I saw a FB post about a collection of 'Teacher Tips and Tricks', and when I read through them I saw this being done with hot glue in place of the double-sided tape, so of course I had to try that!!
I used the painter's tape to edge out my back chalkboard.  After I finished that, I applied hot glue right to the painter's tape and then applied my border.  It was only after I had already started that I realized the border I was using wasn't laminated and would therefore need to be trashed at the end of the year.  Ah well, I had already started so I kept going.  

While this is not an idea that I came up with, I wanted to share it with you for the linky today.  I had several teachers in my building say they had seen this trick on Pinterest or Facebook and were wondering if it worked or not.  As of Friday when I left, everything I had put up with the painter's tape was staying on the walls.  We'll see how long this lasts, but I was able to create several bulletin boards on my cinder-block walls using this trick.
The blue 'Math' board on the right of this picture was created using the blue painter's tape and double-sided tape trick.  I have since added more resources to this board and so far it has stayed up on the wall!!  (The yellow board next to it is attached to the wall, and most classrooms have at least 3 of these boards in their rooms.)  I also created my Job Wall board using painter's tape and hot glue, but for some reason I never took a picture of that one.  D'oh!!

Don't forget to hop back over to Miss V's Busy Bee's to see who else linked up to share their bright ideas.  Oh, and Miss V is sharing about how she uses Washi tape in her classroom.  I'm dying to try it in my room too, but I'm wondering if it leaves a residue on the walls when it's removed?  I chose the painter's tape because it is supposed to come off cleanly without leaving a residue or removing paint.  I would love to use Washi tape to section off my Word Wall, which is on my chalkboard this year.  Have any of you used Washi tape on chalkboards before?  Does it leave a residue after you remove it?  I don't think I would be allowed to leave it up on the board all summer long, due to classroom cleaning.  I would love to hear your advice on this, or on something I can use instead.  I thought of using painter's tape and then applying ribbon on top of it using hot glue, but that seems like a lot of work...  Would love to hear your thoughts!!!


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