Sunday, August 2, 2015

#2getherWeAreBetter August Link Up: Bulletin Boards

Have you heard about all the social media movements that have been created by Lucky Little Learners and Schroeder's Shenanigans in Second? They have definitely created some awesome ways for us to come together as teachers and help each other out!
On the second of every month they host a 2getherwearebetter link up where teachers share ideas on different topics. This linky goes live the second day of every month, with a new topic each time. It is August 2nd, and this month's topic is Bulletin Boards!

I think bulletin boards are something every teacher has to deal with, even if it's just one board. Some teacher's have HUGE boards, and others have multiple boards in their classroom.
In my classroom, we each have 3-4 large square and 2-3 long rectangular bulletin boards already put on the walls. If you don't have 4 square boards, it's because one of them is a white board.
In my room, I don't have a white board so I have 4 square bulletin boards around the room.

This is a picture of the front of my classroom. My SMART Board is mounted on the chalkboard (though not evenly in the middle, if you'll notice...). There are two large boards on each side and one rectangular board at the top.
I cover my boards with fabric, since the fabric doesn't fade and can be used year after year. I choose solid primary colors so that they didn't detract from anything on the boards. This was last year, and I might change it up this year. Haven't decided yet.

The back of my classroom has another two large square bulletin boards with a rectangular one on top.

You can see my last bulletin board on the left hand side of this photo, it's covered in yellow fabric.

We also have cork strips in the hallway that we use to turn into a bulletin board of student work. This is a pic from a few years ago, I can't find a pic of my Dragon board....

Did you know that you can make your own bulletin board if your classroom doesn't have one? Last year I made several additional boards in my room, and while it was time consuming it was definitely worth it.

First I outlined the space I wanted using Painter's Tape. See, we have lots of rules about what can go on the walls. Painter's Tape comes off without leaving a residue, so it's okay to use. Once I have the Painter's Tape frame up, I then put hot glue ON TOP OF the Painter's Tape. Then I quickly add the bulletin board paper and border.

The blue 'Math' board is one that I created using Painter's Tape. It stayed up there all year long.

Another of my walls isn't cinder block, so it was easier to get this bulletin board up. I used a fabric that resembled the sky and outlined it with a rainbow border. I love being able to turn empty wall space into a new bulletin board!

These are all pictures from a few years ago, and I can't wait to change things up this year!
How do you create bulletin boards in your classroom? What's your favorite way to put up border? Do you use fabric or bulletin board paper? I'd love to hear about your classroom bulletin boards! Leave me some comments or link up with Lucky Little Learners and Schroeder's Shenanigans in Second to share how you handle bulletin boards!

Don't forget that you can still link up for Spotlight Saturday! This link up is a Teacher's Show and Tell where you can share your favorite activity, resource, product, tip, idea, trick, or anything else that makes classroom life even more awesome!!


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