Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Must Read Monday (on a Tuesday): Beginning of the Year Books

I know it's Tuesday, but it's the very last Must Read Monday linky party of the summer!! I HAD to link up!! Yesterday was my first official day back to work since the accident in January, so when I finally got home I was exhausted and in pain. I took my happy self right to bed at 8:00!!
Today I am linking up with Kindergarten Planet and The Kindergarten Connection for their Must Read Monday link up! Today is the last one of the summer and I couldn't miss it!!

Each week we were given a topic and asked to share our favorite books that went with that topic. This week, this very last week, we are sharing our favorite Beginning of the Year/Back to School books. Here are four of my very favorites!!

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten by Tony Buzzeo is a really great book to use during the beginning of the year. Adventure Annie is a very energetic, very independent young lady. She insists on having her way, even when what she's doing goes against the rules. At first, Annie has a hard time following the kindergarten rules. However, at the end of the story Annie becomes quite the hero and earns the trust of her teacher!

DJ Steinberg's Kindergarten, Here I Come! is another favorite to read during the beginning of the year. This book begins with the first-day jitters every kindergarten has and travels through the kindergarten year. Many different kindergarten milestones are discussed, including the 100th day and the last day of school. It's a great book to help kindergarteners understand what to expect from their year in kindergarten.

Kindergarten Rocks! by Katie Davis is a good book to help address the fears kindergarteners have during the beginning of the year. Before school even begins, Dexter is a kindergarten expert. His older sister told him all about it. 
Dexter isn't scared to start school, but his stuffed dog Rufus is TERRIFIED of starting kindergarten. Dexter-I mean Rufus-is very scared of what kindergarten will bring, but he soon learns that kindergarten actually rocks!

One of my all time favorites would have to be First Day Jitters by Julie Dannenberg. I love this story because there is such a twist at the ending, the kindergarteners are always amazed at the ending. Sarah Jane Hartwell is starting a new year at a new school and doesn't know anyone there or anything about the school. She just knows it's going to be awful, and she doesn't want to go at all. With much prodding and prompting from Mr. Hartwell, Sarah Jane eventually pulls herself together and goes to school. Once there she is befriended by Mrs. Burton, who is a huge help with Sarah Jane's transition to the new school. There is such a twist at the ending that the kinders always get such a huge kick out of it!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite beginning of the year books! I have had such an amazingly wonderful time with this link up, I am really sad to see it end!! I hope it comes back next summer, because I just love to talk about books! If you want to read about more beginning of the year books, make sure to hop on over and see who else has linked up!


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