Saturday, August 29, 2015

Spotlight Saturday 8-29-15

Happy Saturday everyone!! I have survived the first four days of kindergarten!!! I am excited for the new year, and yet completely wiped out!! 
Teaching kindergarten while still very much in the healing process has definitely been trying for me!! I honestly fall asleep on the couch every night as soon as I get home, and today I've spent most of the day snoozing!!! Guess my body needs the rest in order to help the healing process!! 
Anyway, it's time for my

I get so excited to read the different Spotlights of others who have linked up! I'm so glad for this Teacher's Show and Tell where we can help each other to find incredible ideas and products for our classrooms that can make our lives easier and more awesome!

Like most teachers, I am obsessed with different bags and bins I can use for storage. This addiction has led me to become collecting various Thirty-one bags and bins. Recently my Thirty-one representative shared this image with us.
I was immediately intrigued!! I love the Black Playful Parade pattern, and the fact that I could use Sharpies to create my own unique style was just too good to pass up!!

I bought five of the Black Playful Parade Oh Snap Pop-up bins. They looked like this before I started to get creative.

They have snap hooks that can be used to hang them up or to snap them together. I have an idea in mind for ways to use them in my classroom, and as soon as I'm done coloring them I'm going to test it out. If I can get it to work, I'll definitely share pictures with you all!!

I found some awesome Sharpies on sale and scooped them up, because they were huge packs with so many awesome colors!
I got excited about this pack because of the five new colors that it included!!! You know you're a teacher when you get excited about brand new colors of Sharpies!! (Please ignore the Flair pens, I didn't use them to color the bins but this was the only pic of the Sharpies I have!)

I also had my trusty 24 count Sharpie pack. I now have doubles of most of the colors Sharpie makes, and that's just fine with me!!  You can also see the stash of Oh Snap bins I bought in order to color them all in. I LOVE to color, and this activity got me really excited to try it out!!

After I finished the first one I completely fell in love with it! It was so much fun to color in the pattern, and I got to be as creative as I wanted! Sometimes the colors bled together, but that doesn't detract from the overall awesomeness. It actually makes it more personal. I got so excited after finishing the first one that I immediately opened up another. Guess what I found out??

I quickly realized that each bin was cut from the same pattern of cloth, but each bin was made up of different sections of that cloth. So that means that while each bin definitely matches the other, they are all slightly different depending on where they were cut from the pattern. This made me even more excited, since that meant all of my bins were going to be different and yet would still match each other perfectly!! You can tell what I mean from this picture. Each of these three bins shows the same spot on them, and you can tell how different each pattern is from the other!! Awesomesauce!!!

I'm currently working on finishing up bin 2 of 5. Check out this awesome Fire Flower I made!! Reminds me of playing Super Mario Bros. and getting Mario his Fire Power!!!

I'm really having a great time coloring all of these bins, and it's super relaxing after a long day at work! The marker fumes can be a bit intense, so I would recommend taking several breaks when the smell gets too strong. Also, be careful when coloring in the thinner lines. The marker ink tends to bleed a little bit, and it could seep into a white area near where you're coloring. I don't mind when that happens, because it it just another little piece that makes my bins even more unique!!

What are some of your favorite bins or bags that you use as a teacher? If you're interested in a project like this, I can get you in touch with my Thirty-one rep if you don't have one of your own. There are several black and white patterns you can choose from, and they come on all sorts of different bags and bins. You don't have to get the Oh Snap bins if you don't want them. I have a friend whose daughter got a lunch box and had a great time coloring it in!

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  1. This is genius and look absolutely amazing! I never buy anything with a white pattern because I am afraid it will get dirty! I love how these turned out!
    Reading in Room 11

    1. I was the same way with white patterns!! Now I actively search them out to see if I can color them in!!! Thank you so much for reading and leaving such great feedback, I really appreciate it!!!

  2. These came out great! Love that they are all slightly different!


    1. Thanks so much my friend!! I'm loving the decorating process!! I hope things are going well with your new school year!!!

  3. What an awesome idea! I love how the colors make the bins pop!! I can't wait to see how you use the bins in your classroom!! I LOVE 31!! I could easily become addicted!!

    teaching with ninjanuity

    1. Don't they look so much better with the different colors?? I am in love with 31 too, I have so many bags in so many patterns, I may have a problem!! 😄😄 Thank you so much for reading and leaving such sweet feedback, and thanks even more for linking up!! It really means a lot to me!!!

    2. I scoured over the catalog when I had a "party" with my coworkers at school - I kept working out how I could get the most 31 products without spending TOO much!! I especially LOVE my Fold N File that I can put in either of my organizing totes to give it more structure put still have room for other things! Thank you for the opportunity to be able to link up!

    3. I LOVE my Fold N File!!! I am Facebook friends with my 31 rep and she often has special Cash and Carry events where she'll post pics and a cheaper cash-only price. Those posts are dangerous for me!! :-)