Friday, August 14, 2015

Five for Friday

This is my very last Friday of summer vacation. I head back to school on Monday for a fun-filled three days of meetings and PD.

I'm just hoping for some time in my classroom!! Since I'm still 'on the injured list' I'll need help with the moving and the climbing and the hanging, and it's stressing me out a bit. However, I've decided that what gets done is what gets done, and the rest of it will come along throughout the year as I heal more!

Since it's Friday, that means I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her super-fun 5 for Friday link up! This linky is where we get to share 5 random things from our week. 

Please enjoy some randomness from my week, and then make sure to head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and see who else linked up!!

I am working with some incredibly fabulous ladies to bring you an Early Childhood Education AARRGGHH You Read for Back to School? blog hop and giveaway!!

These awesome educators have provided some incredible resources that you can use during the first few weeks and months of school. I know that many of you are already back in the swing of things, but you can still enter to win some incredible resources you can use over the next few weeks! There are 15 different giveaways you can enter!

These are just some of the resources that are being raffled off! There is something here for every level of Early Childhood Education! I hope you are able to join us this weekend for the blog hop and enter all of the different giveaways!! The fun starts HERE on my blog tomorrow! Check back tomorrow so you can start your giveaway hop!!

I have been trying to get things together to bring to my classroom next week. My doctor's note said I could return on the first day, so I haven't been able to get into my classroom yet. If I had realized I wouldn't be allowed in the building until the date on my doctor's note, I totally would have asked the doctor to write an earlier date! 
Since I can't work in my classroom yet, I decided to start a few projects at home. One of these projects is something I've been wanting to do all summer. Check this out!

I started with a pack of 24 Sharpies and 5 Oh-Snap Bins from Thirty-one. These bins are perfect for holding all sorts of items that can be found on a teacher's desk, and they even snap together to form a circle! Here's how I transformed the Oh-Snap Bins.

I have been using the Sharpies to color in all of the white patterns on the bins. How awesome are they turning out?? If I didn't know they were colored in, I wouldn't be able to tell! I am having SO MUCH FUN coloring these bins in, even though the marker fumes are filling up the house!! I can't wait to finish coloring all 5 and get them set up in my classroom. I'm hoping to hang them on my bulletin board and use them to hold all my writing utensils!

I've also been working on some of my classroom decor. Did you know there's no dragon-themed classroom decor out there? Guess dragons aren't a popular classroom theme!!
That means that I've been responsible for making everything my classroom could need. I'm okay with that, actually. It's like scrapbooking for me and I find it really fun!! Here are some of the things I've created!
Shape Posters!

How cute are these posters? I wanted to include the shape as well as the shape's name and some real-world objects that were the matching shape!

Alphabet Line!

I wanted to have the vowels in red and consonants in blue, and for the vowel sounds I tried to include images that represented the short and long sounds. I also included images to represent the hard and soft sounds of 'c' and 'g'.

Number Line!
Each number is represented with a numeral as well as a number word, plus a set of gems in a ten-frame. Dragons LOVE gems and jewels!!

Birthday Wall!
Each month is represented by a different cupcake. How much fun are these?

I have SO MUCH MORE that I've made, but I'll save it for a later post!

Have you heard of the #teachertribe movement? It started after Lucky Little Learners and Schroeder's Shenanigans in Second heard about it at the TPT conference and shared it on a Periscope broadcast. Since then, teachers all over the world have been forming their own tribes as a way to show solidarity and support! There are tribes for every grade level, for regular ed and for special ed, even teacher tribes by state and country!
I am a proud member of #kindertribe, which has its own Facebook page and blog.
I thought we needed a tribe that was open to all members of Early Childhood Education, since we have similar experiences. We build the foundation of student learning and are the first school exposure for many kiddos. We deal with everything from potty training to learning and play centers to teaching social emotional skills. I wanted a place where ECE folks could get together, share ideas, and offer support.
Enter the Early Childhood Education Tribe!
This tribe is open to all pre-school, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten peeps! So far we have a Facebook page, which you can find here! I am hoping to have a lot more pre-school and pre-k members, so if you are a teacher of one of those grades PLEASE come join our tribe!

I am still hard at work on my Freebie Feedback Challenge! I've been working all summer on leaving feedback on the hundreds of freebies I have downloaded from TPT. I'm so close to reaching my goal!!

I'm really hoping to leave feedback on my remaining 75 freebies before next week's Five for Friday! I think I can do it!! Oh my gosh, what an amazing feeling it will be to finally get all caught up!!!

Well, that's my 5 for Friday! Swing over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and see who else linked up!


  1. Your dragon decorations are so cute!!! Great job! :)

  2. I can't wait to see how your classroom will look like this year!! I am in love with the alphabet letters!!! TOO CUTE!! I haven't been able to work in my classroom thanks to meetings...and meet the teacher is this Thursday!!! Everything will be just fine...hopefully!

    Magically in First