Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What Went Well Wednesday

HUMP DAY!!! I know it's old and cheesy, but I just LOVE that camel commercial!!

I am linking up with my #kindertribe blog, Kinder Tribe, for their What Worked Well Wednesday.

This is a link up where kindergarten teachers get to share what worked well during their week. I'm not back to school year, so I'm going to share something that worked well last year that I intend on doing again this year!!

This is a picture of my student data drawer. Each student gets a hanging file folder, with different color-coded file folders on the inside. Everything I need to know about my kinders is all in their folder, and I can just grab it and go to parent conferences or IEP meetings, or any other type of meeting where I need data on my students.
Here's my system.
Each hanging file folder contains 5 different folders, and each folder holds different information.

The first folder is a regular manilla folder, and that contains all the information I need about my student. Emergency contact info, medical info, phone numbers, address, personal likes and dislikes, fears and goals, all sorts of individualized information about my Littles.

Next is a yellow file folder labeled 'Assessments'. This folder contains all of the Reading and Math assessments we do throughout the year, including the ones we do three times a year. This folder shows all the growth my kiddos make during the year.

The red file folder is for Work Samples. I don't keep everything my kinders do, I would never have enough room to store all of that. However, I do pick out a few pieces throughout the year that shows how well they are doing with certain skills. In the beginning of the year, I keep some cutting and coloring samples. As time goes on I keep pieces that have to do with rhyming or number sense, and other skills we work on throughout the year. If there is a kiddo I'm concerned about, someone I think might need to be tested for special ed services, I tend to keep more work samples for them. This is a good folder to have during parent conferences, so you can show the parents the amount of effort their child is putting into their school work.

The blue folder is all about Behavior. We follow the PBIS program at our school, and that means students can receive MIRs and ODRs (Minor Incident Reports and Office Discipline Referrals). These reports are on carbon copies, and teachers keep one of the three colors. The others go home and to the assistant principal. I also do monthly behavior calendars where students color in the day for whatever color they landed on. At the end of the month I collect them all and file them in their Behavior folders.

The last folder I have in each hanging file is a green folder, and this one is for Parent Notes. Throughout the year, I get all sorts of different notes from parents. Everything from explaining why they couldn't get their homework done to the latest news from their doctor. Any and all attendance or vacation request notes get sent to the office, and I will get a copy of those in my mailbox. Many parents will send me emails, which I will print out and add to their folders. I have had a few times during the year where this folder has saved my butt, when a parent states they never sent in a note like that but I can pull it from the folder. Many of my kinders don't have anything at all in this folder, but I still make one for everyone just in case!!

So that's my filing system for student data. Do you think I'm missing something? I'd love to know so I can add it!! Make sure to leave me a comment!
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  1. I love your color coded system! I tend to throw stuff together (all the BOY math assessments, all the MOY math assessments) and then have to search for certain students' stuff later. I like the color system so pulling it finding it fast would be easier. I keep work samples and behavior sheets organized by kid better than assessments. I'll have to try this this year.

    1. I have found this system to be quite the lifesaver! All I have to change each year are the names on the tags of the hanging file folders! I like the security of knowing where everything is whenever I need to grab it! If you do try a system like this, I'd love to hear about it!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post, it really means a lot to me that you'd take the time to do so and leave such great feedback! Have a wonderful week!

  2. What a great idea to keep things organized. I tend to throw it all in one file and then struggle to find what I need! Thanks for sharing a much more effective way to file!

    Carolina Teacher

    1. It definitely helps me to be more organized! Once I started it, the system was so easy to maintain from year to year!
      Thank you so much for reading my post and leaving feedback, I really appreciate it! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks for sharing how you organize student information. I have a GIANT binder that I keep all my assessments, notes, and information in. It's really huge and cumbersome (and a pain to cart to IEP meetings and Student Study meetings. Maybe I'll change over to your system. Hmmm. You've got me thinking.

    1. I used to do a binder, too! But it got so full that the pages kept tearing and falling out so I finally said forget it and moved to the hanging file folder system. It works really well for me! I hope you're able to find something that works really well for you too!
      Thank you so much for reading my post and leaving such great feedback, I really appreciate it!!

  4. I really like this system, especially being a color-code kind of person! Last year I used the filing system that had been set up by the previous teacher. It was one math folder and one reading folder per student. While I loved being able to grab one file for meetings, I struggled by the end of the year to keep it organized, especially for students who had a lot going on. :) And there were things I wanted to keep that didn't have a place. Do you have a certain source for purchasing your colored folders?

    1. Thank you so much!! This system has come in handy so often over the past few years!! It's so easy to just grab a folder and go!! :-) Usually I buy my folders wherever there's a sale during back to school time! Most of the time I end up finding them cheapest at Wal-Mart, but sometimes Amazon has them on sale. When I find a good price I usually buy two boxes. I use labels for the tabs, and none of the color folders get labeled with student names. Only the hanging file folder gets a student name, so I can use the colored folders year after year! That really helps save money!! I hope I was able to answer your question well enough! :-) I'd love to see a pic if you decide to use a system like this! :-)
      Thanks so much for reading my post and leaving such wonderful feedback, I really appreciate it!!

    2. Great! I found some at a decent price on Amazon. I will let you know how it goes! :)

  5. I love the idea of having folders! I've always done an assessment binder, and it just gets to be so much. I can never find what I am looking for, and it is hard to see progression over time. I just might have to steal this idea next year :)

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

    1. I used to do a binder, too!! It just got too crazy, and I was always tearing the pages right at the little holes so they were always falling out!! I would love to hear about if you decide to use folders and how it works out for your!! Steal away my friend, #2getherwearebetter!!!
      Thanks so much for reading my post and I hope you have an incredible week and a wonderful start to the new school year!!