Saturday, August 8, 2015

Spotlight Saturday: Sweet Sweet Primary

It's time for Spotlight Saturday!!

This is a weekly link up where you can showcase your favorite products, activities, resources, lessons, ideas, tips, tricks, and whatever else makes your school year easier or more awesome!

This week I am shining the Spotlight on an incredibly sweet friend, Rachael from Sweet Sweet Primary!!

I'm sure many of you already know how awesome she is!! I'm sharing a few of her incredible creations that are really going to help me this year! 

First up is this awesome freebie I found in her store that will be perfect for the beginning of the year!
These little beauties are going to be perfect for our sensory table during the first few weeks of school! My kiddos will use play-dough to make small balls to represent each numeral in the ten-frame. They are going to love getting a chance to play with the play-dough, plus they'll be increasing their number sense as well as strengthening those fine-motor muscles!!

I got this activity for a STEAL in her TPT store. Only $1.00!!! These cards are so adorable! They fit perfectly with the 'Chicka-Chicka ABC' story, and they are SPARKLY!!! We all know how much I love all things that glitter and sparkle!!
Rachael has created three different ways to use these cards. They are perfect for playing memory to match up the letter buddies, as well as a really fun game to ID the name and sound each letter makes. If they get the coconut card they have to put all their cards back! 
This activity is perfect to use in small groups during the beginning of the year as well as an awesome activity to leave for a substitute!! 

If you want a copy of her FREEBIE, click the image below!

For her amazing Alphabet Activity, that is just $1.00, click the image below!

Here's how you can find Sweet Sweet Primary through social media. Trust me, you need to make sure you Like and Follow this lady, she's amazing!!




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