Sunday, May 17, 2015

Have You Entered Yet?

Hello everyone! I hope you have been enjoying your weekend! I know that some of you are down to the single-digit countdown for the last day of school! I hope things go smoothly for your last days or weeks!

I am taking today to give you another little sneak peek into my newest product, Panda Parade Math Activities! Did you know that you can enter my giveaway and win your own copy? Read through till the end so you can find out how to enter!

Another activity included in this packet is a color memory game. Students can use this activity independently or with a partner.

There is a set of rainbow panda cards with matching colored borders. The colors used are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gray, black, brown, and white. You can differentiate this activity by having students match the rainbow pandas to their matching color word by having them use color cards or black and white cards.

You can have them use the cards where the color words are typed out in their matching color with colored borders. This could be for kiddos who are having a hard time recognizing their color words by sight.

For kiddos who are able to recognize their color words by sight, you can have them use the color word cards where everything is done in black and white. I always encourage my kinders to use their resources to help them recognize the words if they don't know them, which means they will look around the room for our color word wall and use that resource to help them identify the color words.

I included this little easy reader to help you determine if your kiddos can recognize their color words by sight. You could have your kiddos complete this independently after playing the memory game, or you could use this during a guided group time.

This little book has students working on their numbers 1-20, counting up sets, and recognizing their color words. On each page is the same sentence, with 'panda' being the only non-sight word, and they can help determine the word by using the picture. Also on each page is a set of pandas, a blank space to write the numeral for the set of pandas, and a color word to trace.

Students should count up the set of pandas and write the number on the line. Then they need to read the color word and use the correct color to trace the word and color in the pandas on the page. You can pick and choose which pages you want to include in the book. If you have students working on the numbers 1-10, just use those pages. Other kiddos might be ready to tackle the numbers 11-20. Once you have finished working with the book, students can put it in their Daily 5 Book Boxes so that they can read it during Read to Self or Read to Someone rotation time. My kinders get SO EXCITED when they have books in their Book Boxes that they can read themselves. This little book can be completed independently as well, and that way you can determine if they are truly able to recognize their color words by sight as well as their ability to count up sets and write the correct numeral.

I have blogged about a few of the other activities in this packet too! If you want to read about the activity were students are counting up sets, click <here>. If you're curious about the 10 and some more addition activity, click <here>. So are you wondering how to enter? It's SO EASY!!

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  1. Hey Erin,
    As a K teacher I think you're doing a great job hitting so many standards!! I'd like more math skills with self than math with someone and for them to be different, so the kids stay engaged. Hope this helps you in your creating!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me! I have definitely taken your advice into consideration when finishing up this packet! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to leave such sweet feedback!