Monday, May 4, 2015

Magic Monday and Much Thanks

Well, today's the day. This Monday marks the very first of my month-long laser surgery treatments. I head to the doctor's office this afternoon to begin what I hope will be my final road to recovery. I have no idea what is in store for me, though I am told that it won't hurt. I am excited to begin this journey, and am thinking super positive thoughts that after my month's worth of treatments my ankle will be healed and I will be able to walk again. I am so very excited at the possibility of walking again!! I can't thank you all enough for the incredible outpouring of love and positive thoughts that have been sent my way recently! I owe an incredibly HUGE thank you to Susan Jennings from My Happy Place for giving me my very first shout out and helping me smile and feel so appreciated during my recovery! I would also like to send another HUGE thank you to Bonnie Kathryn from Kinders & Beyond and the incredibly sweet ladies at Teachers and Company. They have shown me such kindness by taking the time to give me a few shout outs on their Facebook Pages. Please click the links in their names or the pictures below to go 'Like' and 'Share' their Facebook pages, trust me you won't regret getting to know such fabulous people!


These ladies are simply amazing, and it is totally worth your time to go and check them out if you haven't already! Their kindness has encouraged me to keep doing what I'm doing, and to do it even better! I can't thank them enough for how they've helped me!!

If you read my post yesterday then you noticed on my May Currently that I am currently LOVING the Bright and Bold Paper Box I received from the ever-amazing Krista Wallden. We all know and love her clip art designs and creations, but did you know that she is not into the decorative paper business??  She has created an incredibly awesome line of paper products, everything from note pads to note cards. She is offering them for sale in her TPT store as well as her brand new Etsy store. I purchased mine through the Etsy store, trying to save a bit of money on shipping costs.Also in her Etsy store you can but the pieces in separate bundles if you don't what the whole Bright and Bold paper line. But, if you purchase from her TPT store you can earn those TPT credits towards future purchases! My box came in the mail Saturday, and when I opened it up here is what I saw.

How cute is that?? All the paper goods came wrapped up in tissue paper, with a sweet little thank you from Krista herself. I love that I got to unwrap the notepads, it's just like getting a little present just for me. After all, who doesn't like getting presents?? I was so thrilled with what was inside the box, too!

This is everything that was in the box. Two packs of blank on the inside notecards, two large notepads, and three small notepads. Aren't those colors so amazingly bright and vibrant? And of course, who doesn't love Krista's clip art creations??

Here is a closer look at the note cards. There were two packs of them. One pack contained cards that were all the same, and have some of Krista's super adorable animal clip art creations on the front. The other pack was broken up into five different styles of cards, which you can see above. All of the cards are blank on the inside so that you can personalize your own message. I always keep cards like this in my desk drawer so that I can send home a quick note of encouragement, praise, or to thank a family for a kindness they showed. I just love the colors used in the designs, and I really think that they POP on that black background!

These are the three smaller notepads that were included. There is plenty of space to write notes or jot things down during a meeting. I love how the colors and designs allow these notepads to be used at any time during the year, and fit perfectly in any school bag.

These are the two larger notepads that were included. One of them is a weekly To Do List, which is perfect for me because if I don't write things down and schedule them out, they never get done! The other notepad is lined, which is perfect to use when taking notes during committee meetings, faculty meetings, or parent/teacher conferences.

I am simply in love with these paper products and I can't wait to start using them! I haven't been in my classroom much lately due to the accident, but I know that these little beauties will fit perfectly on my desk so that I can use them next year! If you are a fan of Krista Wallden, you really need to check out her newest paper collections! Have any of you bought clip art from Krista? What's your absolute favorite (or two or three since it's so hard to chose!)? I would love to hear from you! If you have purchased any of her new paper line, what do you plan on using it for? You know me, always looking for new ideas!


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