Friday, May 8, 2015

I Appreciate Teachers!

Happy Friday everyone! Today marks the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week! Have you felt appreciated this week? I know I have! Even though I'm not able to be in my classroom because of my injury, I have been able to snatch up tons of freebies offered this week! Getting such great freebies that I can use in my classroom for years to come definitely makes me feel appreciated! Here are a few you should check out before they're gone!

This adorable freebie is a bee-themed addition activity that was created by A Special Kind of Class. She did such an amazing job creating this activity, and it is PERFECT to put out during our Daily 4 Math with Someone rotations! It is such a fun way to practice addition, I know my kinders will LOVE it! Go grab one for yourself, and don't forget to leave some feedback love!!

These amazing freebies are the creation of Jill Green over at Chevron and Centers. She has been making a new freebie for EVERY DAY of Teacher Appreciation Week!!!  How awesome is that!?!? I haven't downloaded Day 5 yet, but I am IN LOVE with the first four freebies! The picture above will take you to Jill's TPT store to grab her 'I'm a Sight Word Ninja' packet, which is an incredibly adorable sight word game! You'll need to search her store for the rest of the week's freebies. 'Gone Fishin'" is an adorable place value center activity, 'Summer Fun' is an CVC/CVCe activity that will fit perfectly with Daily 5 Word Work rotations, and 'Too COOL For School' is an adorable addition activity that will be great at a center during Daily 4 Math with Self or even used as a Write the Room activity! My kinders LOVE Write the Room, and I know they would really enjoy this activity! I can't wait to see what Day 5 brings! You really should go snag these super awesome freebies, and don't forget to leave some feedback love!

The incredible clip art creator over at Educlips has also been making freebies for each day of Teacher Appreciation Week! She has created an incredibly cute set of clip art for each day of Teacher Appreciation Week, and I am in love with ALL of them! I don't want to tell you what they are and ruin the surprise, so you'll just have to click on the image above to snag the first one! Then you can search her store for the rest of this week's freebies. You won't be disappointed, and don't forget to leave some feedback love to show her you appreciate her hard work!

I wanted to let all of you wonderful and incredible educators that I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to your kiddos! I know how challenging, stressful, wonderful, and rewarding this profession can be, and I know that it takes a very special person to commit to this lifetime career! I would like to share with you my newest creation, 'Knights versus Dragons'. This activity is one I use for dismissal and down times to help my kinders stay calm and quiet while they wait for their bus or for special to start.

This activity includes several sets of cards that address various Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Health concepts in kindergarten. Each page can be copied on a color of construction paper, cut out, and then added to a binder ring. This binder ring can be easily hooked onto an apron, belt buckle, or clip board. That way you will always have the cards with you, so you can keep your littles busy while they're waiting!

Here is a set of Math cards. I tried to include a Common Core Standard where applicable, so you can make sure you're hitting those standards!

Here is another set of the math cards. I tried to include a wide variety of skills and concepts, so that you could add to your ring as the year goes on. Also, they could be used to give extra reinforcement to kiddos who are having a harder time mastering certain standards. I copied the math cards onto red construction paper and them laminated them.

This is a set of Reading cards that practice a lot of different phonics skills. You can pick and choose which cards you want to include on your ring, or put them all on!

Here is another set of the Reading cards. They involve reading some high frequency words and identifying different literary terms. Remember, you can pick and choose which cards to add to your ring throughout the year. As you teach a new concept, check to see if there's a card that can reinforce that concept. I copied the Reading cards onto green construction paper and then laminated them before adding them to my ring.

Finally I included some cards that touched on different Science, Social Studies, and Health topics we cover in kindergarten. We do a lot of work with seasons, weather, trees, and community helpers.

We also work with animals, rules, and where we are in the world. These cards I copied onto purple construction paper and then laminated. As we learned a new concept, I added the cards that dealt with that concept to my ring.

I divide the kiddos into two groups, one group are Knights and the other group is Dragons. They take turns answering questions from the ring while standing up. If they are unable to answer a question, they sit down. Last team to have kiddos standing wins!

For TODAY ONLY I am offering this packet up as a FREEBIE! It will be available until MIDNIGHT EST on Friday, May 8th. After midnight on Friday, this packet will go on sale in my TPT store. For the first 48 hours it will be marked 50% off, so if you didn't get it as a freebie you can still get it at a discount!  I really appreciate all the hard work teachers do, and I hope you have been able to feel appreciated this week! Did you get any sweet gifts from your kiddos? Were you able to snatch up any awesome freebies this week? I would LOVE to hear from you!!


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