Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spending Saturday

Ah, the weekend. Are there any two better days fit into the week than the weekend? I know how crazy and hectic the school week can be, and that it doesn't stop when the weekend rolls around!

I know that this is a graphic that has been floating around for a while and that most people have seen it, but it's so perfect, right?? Now that it's the weekend, how will you spend your Saturday? Did you bring home papers to grade? Do you have activities to create? Report cards to fill out, narratives to write, or data to enter? Or are you going to spend your Saturday doing non-school related stuff? Maybe heading to a game or taking your own kiddos to their games or functions? Just reading a book or taking a quick trip out of town? Me, I'll be in the same exact spot that I have been since the end of January, one the couch with my leg up. I would LOVE to hear how you're spending your Saturday! I can live vicariously through your adventures, since I still can't walk! However you spend your Saturday, I hope you are able to relax and recharge from the week so that you can get ready for the upcoming week. There aren't too many weeks left before the summer comes!


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