Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tomorrow's The Last Day!

Happy Thursday! I know some of you are all done with kiddos today, some of you will be done next week, and others <like my district> have at least three more weeks of kiddos. If you are wrapping up your school year, I hope you have an AMAZING summer! If you still have some time left, keep your chin up! The end is in sight! :-)

If you've been following along with my posts this week, you have heard about my GIVEAWAY! I have been asking for opinions on how many activities people would like to see in a packet that would last a month. I've heard a lot of different opinions, everywhere from a pack of 5 activities to a pack of 10 or more. So far the pack I am making has 12, which should be PLENTY of activities to give you a month's worth of choices. Here is a sneak peek of another activity in this packet.

Another activity included in this packet is the Spin and Dot Pandas. This activity uses spinners and BINGO daubers, which my kinders LOVE! I got a class set at The Dollar Tree, and they lasted all year and then some! If you don't have daubers, you can have your kiddos use highlighters or even markers and crayons! There is a black and white set were kiddos can use the daubers or highlighters. There is also a color set that can be printed and laminated and used with counters at a math center.

This activity includes 2 sets of spinners. The first set has 2 spinners, and focuses on the numbers 1-10. These numbers are shown as sets represented by fingers. Students spin to get a set and then search for that numeral on the rainbow panda mat.

Once students get a number from the spinner, they then search for the matching numeral on this panda mat. Once they find it they cover it up with a counter (if you're using the B&W version, they can use their BINGO dauber to mark their numeral). You can use this as a Math with Self activity, and also as a Math with Someone activity. If using as a Math with Someone, make sure each kiddo playing has their own color of dauber. Once they have covered up the board, they can compare their totals.

Each activity in the packet comets with a quick check assessment, and this one is no exception! After completing the spinner activity as practice, students can then demonstrate their understanding by completing one of the practice pages. Students are to count up the number of fingers on each set. Then they need to figure out which numeral matches the set and glue it in the box next to the picture.

The back of the quick check also has a sequence of numbers with some missing. Students will need to count up the fingers shown and write the numerals for the missing numbers.

There is another set to this activity that focuses on the numbers 11-20. The reason for two sets is so that you can better differentiate for the needs of your kiddos. I know that some of my kiddos need extra practice with the numbers 1-10, while others are ready to move on to higher numbers.

For the two spinners that deal with the numbers 11-20, I used ten frames to represent each set. Students use these spinners exactly the same as they use the first set. Spin to get a set and then count it up.

The panda mats for the second set have a mixture of numbers from 11-20. Students cover up the bear that has the numeral that matches the set they spun. Remember that there is a black and white set of these activities too, and that kiddos can use BINGO daubers with the black and white sets.

There is also a quick check for the numbers 11-20. Students count up the amount shown on the ten frames and then find the matching numeral to glue in the box.

On the back of this quick check is another number line with some digits missing. Students should count up the amount shown on the ten frames to help them determine which numerals are missing, and then they should write the missing numerals in the boxes. These quick checks can be used as an assessment grade or you can use them as a way to quickly determine if your kiddos understand the concept or if they need a little more help with it.

This is just one of the activities I'm including in my packet. To read about more of the activities, just scroll down through the past few posts to read more! Tomorrow is the LAST DAY you have to enter the giveaway! It is super simple to enter! Just follow these simple steps:

1) Follow my blog by clicking on the pink Bloglovin button underneath the Follow Along heading located on the right hand sidebar of my blog.
2) Leave a comment answering a question for me. How many activities would you like to see in a pack that says it will last a month? Is there a generic theme that you would prefer to see so you could use it during the times you're not working on a set theme?

See how easy that was?? Hurry up and enter my GIVEAWAY, I really want you to win! I've worked really, really hard on this packet and I can't wait to share it with all of you!!

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  1. Enjoy your last couple of weeks! I used to teach in Baltimore, so I'm actually jealous that you guys get out in the beginning of June. Now that I'm back in NY, we go the end of June. Have fun!