Friday, May 15, 2015

More About the GIVEAWAY!!

It's finally Friday, yay!!  I know how exhausting this time of year is, so I know you're looking forward to the relaxation of the weekend! Some of you are done school for the year next week, and many others during the last week of May. I hope the last few days and weeks of school go well for you all!

I wanted to give you another sneaky-peek into the packet I am GIVING AWAY!!  Yesterday I showed you the Counting Up Pandas activity, and today I'm going to talk about another of the activities included in this packet.

This activity has students adding on to 10 in order to find teen numbers. They will complete the addition equation to get their teen number, and then locate that teen number on the playing board and mark it off.

Each student gets one of the frames above. I created them so they would fit two to a page, all you have to do is cut them apart. I included number lines at the bottom of each frame in case your kiddos use those to help them solve the problem. If you kiddos don't use those, just cut them off the frames before you laminate them.  Each frame begins with the number 10, and students draw cards from a pile to determine how much they need to add onto 10.

The cards go into the box on the frame, and then students use whatever resources they need to solve the problem. They can use the number line provided, or you could put out different manipulatives and white boards for students to use. I like to use those pretty colored plastic counting bears I have, and I also encourage them to draw a picture on the whiteboards. Whatever they need to help them solve the problem, they should be able to use. Once they have solved the problem, they write the sum on the frame. If you aren't able to laminate the frames, place them inside a plastic sheet protector. Students can still use a dry erase marker on them and then erase.

You may want your students to use this color version of the game board. Either laminate it or place it in a plastic sheet protector, and then allow students to use it. Once they solve the number sentence in their frames and get their teen number, they are then to find it on the playing board and cover it up. If I have students playing in pairs each of them uses a different colored counting bear. If they're playing by themselves, they have an assortment of colored counting bears to choose from. You could have them use any small counter or manipulative to cover up the number when it's found.

There is also a black and white page where students can use BINGO daubers or highlighters to mark off the teen number once they find it. Each player should have their own color, but if playing alone it doesn't matter. If playing together, once the board is filled up, students count their dots to compare them to their partner's.

Finally, students can complete a quick check assessment that you can use to determine if they understand the concept of creating teen numbers by adding on to 10. Students should look at the teen number that is the sum of each number sentence. Each sentence begins with 10 and then asks students to determine how many stalks of bamboo to add to the 10 to get the teen number. So for the number 15, students should color 5 stalks of bamboo so the sentence reads 10 + 5 = 15.  This is a double-sided quick check that can easily be filed into a student work sample folder.

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I would very much love for you to follow me and enter the giveaway! This giveaway will run until Friday, May 22, midnight EST. I will announce the winners on Saturday, May 23. Good luck!!


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