Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday

Happy Tuesday all!!  I am following two different linky parties on Tuesdays, so I'll start with the one being hosted by Mrs. Jump's Class, Book Talk Tuesday!!

There are TONS of bloggers linking up with this party to talk about some of their favorite books.  If you're anything like me and have a slight book obsession, you really need to check out all the great literature being shared!!

Today I'd like to share a book I use during the beginning of the year.  I like to focus on books that help my littles learn about what it is to be in school, as well as books that focus on the ABCs and 123s.  I'll be sharing books of this type for the next few weeks, as I get reacquainted with my 'beginning of the year books'!!  :-)  It is a counting book with lots of interaction, repetitive text, and rhyming words.  Not to mention pages and pages of opportunities to practice counting!!

This awesome story is from the author of LMNO Peas, Keith Baker.  I got my copy from Scholastic, but you can snag a copy at Amazon if you don't already have one of your own!! {click on Amazon to go get your own}

I really love this story and how interactive it is.  The illustrations are awesome too!!'  This book starts off simply counting 1-10 and then the numbers get to be a bit bigger.

Oh, I almost forgot!!  On each page of this book there is a tiny ladybug drawn in somewhere, and the kiddos have a really fun time searching through the illustrations to find that ladybug!!  Here you can see him hitching a ride on the back of this VW bus!!  You'll be able to find him somewhere in every picture.

Another really cool interactive feature of this book is that each number has a matching set of peas on it, near it, or surrounding it!  It's fun to help the littles count up each set of peas surrounding the numbers. I love how the pictures are connected.  See how there are two peas fishing from the #3, and three peas in rowboats under the #3?  There's also a ladybug in one of those row boats!!

Don't you just LOVE the bright colors and 'scrapbooky' type text?  I love how each of the letters that spell the number words are different colors!  Oh, and those four peas planting a garden around the #4 gave a perfect hiding spot to a little ladybug!!

Each number is touched on from 1-10, and then we start skip counting by tens.  Another great math skill!!  Did I mention the predictable, rhyming text?  Here's an example: '9 peas dancing - round, round, round.  10 peas building - pound, pound, pound'.  The littles can help you figure out what three repetitive words follow each number.

After covering the numbers 1-10, the peas skip from 11 to 19.  See them jumping rope from number to number? (the ladybug is here too!)

After 19, the peas start skip counting by 10s.  There is still repetitive text along with a matching group of peas to count, AND the little ladybug!!

The peas count by tens, treating each number to a different scene on different pages.  I like the number 50, and how they are all working together to put that puzzle together!  You can still count up the peas (there are 50) and find the ladybug.

The last number of the book is, of course, 100!!  The peas are throwing a HUGE party (kind of like our 100th Day Celebrations, no?) and there are, you guessed it, 100 peas invited!  Oh, and the ladybug is here too!!  After all that counting, guess what the peas ask of us?

'Please count again with us!' Polite little guys, aren't they??  Oh, and just in case you thought you were done with the counting, think again!!

On the back cover, there are more counting peas!!  How cute is this book?!?!?!

If you don't already have this little gem, you should really consider adding it to your collection!!  Don't forget to hop back on over to Mrs. Jump's Class to learn about a whole bunch of other amazing stories!!


  1. I LOVE this book too! There are so many good books, it is hard to pick which ones to read each day. I have so many favorites.

    1. You are so very right about not having enough time in the day to read all the books we want to!! I have a bit of an obsession with books, and have WAY too many to read in a that a bad thing, I wonder? :-) Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving such great feedback!!

  2. This is a great book! The illustrations are so bright and appealing to the little ones! Plus, they need those visual representations of the numbers right from the start of Kindergarten! Can't wait to use this book again this year!

    Mrs. Masters’ Kinder Love

    1. I totally agree! I know my kinders LOVE to count things up, and these cute little peas are perfect for that! Plus, this book becomes a big hit as one to keep in the Daily 5 Book Boxes! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a great comment!!