Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wish List Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!  Sorry about the late post tonight, but I spent the day at school for a summer planning session with my team.  We have four kindergarten teachers this year, which is new for us.  You might remember I mentioned our school is absorbing half of a local elementary school that is closing for remodeling so our teams this year have changed and grown, and many of us have never worked together before.  We are also absorbing half of the student population, so our class sizes will grow.  After two years, the other elementary school is proposed to be finished. Lots of changes!!  Our school was able to provide a paid summer time team planning day, and my team met this morning.  We were able to completely plan the first week of school and create an outline for the second week.  SHEW, that's a stress relief for the beginning of the year!!  We don't have to take any precious time during those first few days of school before the kids come back to plan since we already got a chance to, so we can focus on making sure our rooms are completely ready for our kinders.  I'm excited, and very glad that we got so much planned!!  I feel like I am starting the year off on a good note, and that I am doing a good job of maintaining my goal to be more organized this year!!
Clipart created by Krista from The Creative Chalkboard.
For anyone new to my blog this week, welcome and thanks for following!!!  YAY YOU!!  :-)  On Wednesdays I like to share with you items from my Wish List.  They could be items from any Wish List I have, TPT or 'real-life', as well as any Wishes I granted myself.  One of my most exciting so far was my trip to the Crayola Factory!!  You can read about my Crayola Experience by clicking on the picture below.

This week I want to share with you some Wishes I granted myself from my TPT list.  What with launching my Facebook page, reorganizing my Pinterest boards, and celebrating my blog's first birthday, I felt in the mood to grant some Wishes.  Here's what I got!

All numbers are clipart designed by Mel from Graphics From the Pond.
This awesome little bundle is from Literacy Without Worksheets and is going to help me with my goal to be more organized this school year!!  This packet is really amazing!!  It has TONS of editable pages to help you develop charts and groups, as well as keep track of your lessons and data.  I'm really glad I got this during the summer, so I have time to play around with it and make it fit my classroom and needs.  SO EXCITED!!!

I purchased this INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC resource from Kreative in Kinder and I am SUPER EXCITED about it!!  Since I am planning on launching Writer's Workshop this year in my room, this packet is going to be a HUGE help!!  It was created BY a kindergarten teacher FOR kindergarten teachers, and I love all the step-by-step directions!!  Another win!!

Seeing as how 2D and 3D shapes are such a huge part of the kindergarten curriculum, I was stoked when I found this AMAZING set of clipart from Ashley Hughes.  How perfect are these graphics for helping my kinders make real-world connections to the shapes!!  I can't wait to start creating with them!!

One of the things I want to work on this year is making my Word Wall more interactive.  I have decided to change the location of my Word Wall in my room and move it to a larger space.  Also, I found this fantastic packet of Word Wall Center activities created by Reagan Tunstall!!  They are a perfect fit for ANY word all, and are super-fun too!!  My kinders will work on these during the Word Work time of Daily 5!!  I'm sure this packet will help my Word Wall to become a center point in my room!!

If you found any of these products interesting, just click on the picture and you'll be taken right to the link where you can purchase a copy for yourself!!

Remember to come and enter my very first giveaway!!  Just click on the picture below to be taken to the blog post where I talk about my giveaway!!!


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