Monday, July 28, 2014

Markdown Monday

It's Monday, so I'll be linking up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations for their Markdown Monday linky party!!  There are SO MANY AMAZING deals, don't forget to go check out the rest of who linked up!!

Today I am going to be marking down two of my products. First up is one I JUST finished this weekend, and I am pretty proud of it!!
This is a pack of awards I'm going to be using all year long.  See, last year I had a group of littles that cared more about ratting each other out than they did about getting along as friends.  It was the first year I'd ever had a group like that, and I was scrambling for ideas to help build a better classroom community.  This idea flitted through my mind, but for whatever reason my brain went a different way last year.  Since that way worked for me, this idea got filed away somewhere in my head.  Recently I got a chance to plan with my team before school starts, and this idea popped back into my head.  This time I went with it, and here's what I came up with.
I made several different styles of awards using Krista Wallden's FABULOUS Super Hero Kids Clipart.  There are a set of awards with a squiggly border and flying super heroes. Each award you see is one of a set of two different awards. There is a Comic Burst, or 'pow', symbol between the two heroes.  You can write the date the award was earned inside that burst.
Included with each set of awards are a set of Super Friend Bracelets.  These can be copied onto construction paper OR onto white paper and you Super Friend can decorate his/her bracelet.  For the awards featuring flying boys, there is a set of bracelets that has a super hero with 'messy' hair as well as one with 'slicked back' hair. (check the images of the clip art on the picture of the award to understand what I mean about their hairstyles)
Also included with each style of awards is a page of Super Friend badges.  These badges can be copied onto colored paper and attached to a super hero mask or cape purchased from The Dollar Tree and presented to your Super Friend!!
Another style has flying super hero girls, and there are two different styles of clipart used.  A girl with two ponytails and another girl with only one.
There are also two styles of Super Friend flying super hero girl bracelets.  I think these are so much fun!!  There is also another set of badges with a different font used.
One of my very favorites in the pack features a super hero and his/her trusty sidekick.  How cute is that super hero dog!?!?!? 
Of course I had to make Super Friend bracelets featuring that fabulous four-legged hero!!  Pretty sure these are my favorite bracelets too!!
I made a set with super heroes in their 'ready for action' stance, and I included a super shield for the date.
There are two awards with super girls standing, and there are also bracelets with the super heros standing in their hero poses.

There is a set for the boys, too!!

I also included an award with a boy and a girl super hero.
Finally, to round this packet of awesomeness off, I included a class book that your students could write about their Super Friend!!
One for the super boys, 
and another for the super girls.  Included are two different styles of writing response sheets.
A version for younger students where they can write their friend's name and draw a picture of their friend as a super hero.  Maybe they want to draw their Super Friend being helpful or showing the traits of a good friend.
A second version could be used with older students and they could list reasons to support why their friend is a Super Friend, as well as provide evidence by giving examples.  They could draw a picture of their friend on the back, or on a separate piece of paper and attach this to the bottom of their drawing.

Also, I included a SUPER SIMPLE checklist that you could choose to use to keep track of which students have earned the Super Friend award and how many times they have earned it.
There is room for 18 student names on this sheet.

For THIS WEEK ONLY, this product will be marked down to $3.00.  This is a savings of $2.00 from the original list price!!!!  Make sure to get a copy for yourself before you miss out on the markdown price!!

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p.s. - I am ALMOST FINISHED the update to my 'Who Would You Put Here?' Character and Setting activity.  I have been working hard on creating additions for this packet, and I think you will LOVE them!!  Here's just a tiny sneak peek!!  **These additions haven't been uploaded yet, but will be by the end of the week, but probably sooner!!!**
These activities are what is currently in the packet, which you can get at my TPT store now for $3.00.  Here are some things I am adding!!
There's your tiny sneak peek!!  If you like what you see then make sure to go to my TPT store and grab this activity while it's still $3.00  As soon as I finish the additions, the price is going to go up!!

Now go scroll back to the top of my post and hop on over to Kelly and Kim's to see what other AMAZING resources you can stock up on for the beginning of the year!!


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