Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am linking up with the fabulous Michelle from Fabulous in First for her Sunday Smorgasbord linky party!!
This is one of my favorite linky parties because it is all about sharing your randomness from the past week!!  Some weeks I have more to share than others, which is totally okay!  When you're done reading about my randomosity please go click on the Sunday Smorgasbord picture to take you to the linky party and learn about everyone else's randomness!!

These incredibly cute numbers are the creations of the ever-fabulous Krista Wallden!

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to get a chance to have a summer planning session with the other three members of my team.  We were able to get the first two weeks of school planned out, which is a HUGE relief for the beginning of the year.  As we got to talking to our newest team mate about classroom decor, I had a rather shocking realization.  I had decided to have an Extreme Classroom Makeover at the end of last year, and still hadn't done anything about it.  So I got to work on some of the new decor I want to incorporate into my dragons theme.  Here's what I have so far!
On Friday I mentioned that I had finished the behavior calendars I am going to use with my kinders this year.  I am also going to be keeping a set in my Teacher Binder, so I hope to be able to get the months of August and September colored in before school starts!!

Also on Friday I shared with you the new alphabet line I'm going to be using in my room this year.  I had mentioned that I wasn't sure if I should include the hard and soft sounds of the letters C and G.  I know how important they are and was leaning towards including them, but still wasn't quite sure if that would be too much for my littles.  After more thought, and some SUPER comments and suggestions, I decided to include both sounds for those letters on my ABC line.
I think that they turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself!!  :-)  I'm excited to get them printed, laminated, and hung up in my classroom this year!!

I also finished a set of labels I am going to use on my Daily 5 Book Bins this year.  I wanted the labels to match the theme, have a number, and show my kinders what they could keep in their book boxes.  I had a style in mind, but after I created it I wasn't sure about it.  
So I went to my Facebook friends and asked them what they thought.  I got such great feedback that their thoughtful suggestions helped to create an entirely different idea in my mind.  Here's what I am going to be putting on their book boxes.
These tags will match the colors of my book boxes (the blue tag isn't shown) and it will allow me to arrange the book boxes in the colors of the rainbow, ROYGB.  I don't have any violet boxes. :-(

I have also been hard at work making my Facebook page even better than before.  After the kindness of many friends, my Facebook page was shared and 'Liked' over 100 times!!!
This is AMAZING!!  Getting 100 'Likes' used to be something I was only able to dream about, and now it's actually happened!!  I'm so excited about reaching this milestone, that I had to celebrate by creating another Fans ONLY Exclusive freebie!!
The freebie contains a Super Friend Award page, a page for Super Friend bracelets, and another page of Super Friend badges that can be attached to a super hero mask or cape from The Dollar Tree.  How much fun is that!!??  To get your freebie, click on the 'Like' Kindergarten Dragons on Facebook picture above to go to my Facebook page.  After you 'Like' my page, you'll be able to find this freebie under the Fans ONLY 2 tab.  I still don't know how to add multiple freebies to the same Facebook page, so until I learn how I'll be creating new pages to share freebies for.  Hopefully I'll be able to figure this out soon!!!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!  If you have to go back to school tomorrow, I wish you the very best of school years!!  I'll be headed back mid-August, and am hoping I get some things done before it's time to go back!!  EEKK!!!  :-)

p.s. - Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!!  Winners will be chosen Wednesday night!!


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