Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wish List Wednesday

For my second post today, I'd like to share with you my Wish List again!  If you remember from the past few weeks, my Wish List Wednesday posts involve me sharing with you some of the MANY items from my TPT Wish List, some of the items I have bought from my TPT Wish List, as well as things I have crossed off my Daily Wish List (nothing to do with TPT stuff).

First, I HAVE to share with you an AWESOME wish I granted myself on Monday.  I took my nephew and went on a day trip to Easton, PA.  What in the world could I find in Easton, you ask??  Why, the Crayola Factory, of course!!  Oh. My. Goodness.  This place is a teacher's DREAM!!!

AAHHH!!!  I had such an AMAZING TIME!!!  The whole factory smells like brand new crayons!! There are so many amazing murals all around the building, with lots of Crayola history on each.  This is the left side of the front of the building.  I took almost 200 pictures that day, so I shall try to contain myself with the sharing!!  :-)

 Crayola Factory selfie with my nephew!!  The sun was seriously bright that morning!!  :-)

Here, my nephew Mason is standing next to the World's Largest Crayon!!  Yes, it is a real crayon that you could write with...if you could pick it up!!

There is just SO MUCH to see and do at the factory, it is called 'The Crayola Experience".  I got to make crayons, melted crayon wax paintings, and so much more!!  I am already planning my next trip!!

Check out the crosswalk from the parking garage to the factory!!

I made a Color Blend marker!!!

I got to make a whole set of crayons to match my dragon-themed classroom!!  I tried to pick some dragon-type names to go with each color!

I just wish I could share ALL of the amazing pictures I took at the factory, but that would make this post a book!!  Let's just say I CAN'T WAIT to go back!!!  I have a few things from the Gift Shop on my Wish List now, like the 2 pound crayon and the 'Fill Your Own Tin' of crayons from the 'Pick Your Color Wall'.  LOVE!!!

As for my TPT Wish List, I allowed myself a few more purchases.  Here's what I bought!! {click on any of the picture to go to TPT and get a copy for yourself!!}


This AMAZING bundle from one of my very favorite clip art designers, Krista Wallden from Creative Clips.  This really is an ULTIMATE kids bundle, with 41 different kiddo graphics.  It's a steal for only $8.00, and it won't be in her store forever so make sure to grab yours while you can!!


Another AMAZNG set from Krista, her long-awaited and much-anticipated Zoo Animals clip art set.  There are so very many super-cute animal graphics in this set, it's just PERFECT for creating activities to go with a unit on animals!  I got it on sale (lucky me!!), but you can grab a copy for the low price $10.00!!


This HUMONGOUS alphabet kid clip art was created by Mel from Graphics From the Pond. I got mine for a super-low introductory price (it helps to stalk my favorite designers on Facebook so I can get advance notices of their amazing deals!!), and if you want a copy it's only $18.00 for 104 graphics!!


Another AMAZING set of background papers from Krista Wallden.  Have I mentioned she's one of my very favorite designers??  :-)  This pack of 18 super colorful background pages was a steal at $2.50!!


This awesome little activity was created by Lola at Preschool Wonders.  I just recently found her blog and TPT store through participating in the Two for Tuesday linky party hosted by The Teaching Tribune.  It is such a cute activity that can be used during the beginning of the year when littles are still working on learning letter formation and the most common letter sound.  You choose an ABC card, call it out, and students color in the matching space on their recording sheets.  How cute is that!?!  After introduced during a small group lesson, I can totally see this activity being used during Word Work time of our Daily 5 Rotations!!  You can grab a copy for yourself from her TPT store for a super low price of $2.50.  If you're quick, fast, and in a hurry, you can grab it while it's still on sale for the SUPER low price of $1.25!!!

I hope you are able to grab a few wishes for yourself!!  To all of you in Vegas for the conferences this week, I'm super jealous!!  I hope you have an amazing time and learn lots of awesome things!!  It is on my Daily Wish LIst to go next year, I am already starting to save up my fundage!!!  


  1. Thank you Erin for commenting on my 'Stamp It' activity. It makes me feel so good that you like it. :)
    I am a follower of your blog, too!
    Preschool Wonders

  2. OMG Lola you are so very welcome!! It's awesome, and I KNOW my kinders are going to LOVE it. ESPECIALLY when I tell them they can use markers or BINGO dotters...they are obsessed with them!! Can't wait to keep reading your blog, hope you have a great rest of the summer!! :-)

  3. Erin, your trip to the Crayola Factory looks brilliant and I love the names of your dragon crayons!! One of my treasured childhood Christmas memories is that every year when I was at primary school I would receive a new pack of crayola crayons in my santa stocking. I loved them in their pristine state and their amazing names and the different hues of each primary colour. Just thinking about it makes me want to run out and buy myself a pack right now!!!! No wonder you can't wait to go back on another visit :-)

  4. Thanks so much!! I had such an AMAZING time!! I just LOVE all things Crayola, I am OBSESSED!! Thanks so much for sharing such an awesome story, I too fondly remember getting a new pack of crayons and a brand new coloring book every year in my stocking!! To this day I still LOVE to color!! So glad you stopped by and left a comment!! :-)