Friday, July 4, 2014

Following Free Font Friday

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!  I hope you all get to spend time with friends and family today, doing all those awesome holiday activities.  Please remember to keep your furbabies safe during any firework events today.  They don't like the noise and it could make them run away, and I know if that happened to my baby Isis  I would be DEVASTATED!!  Luckily, I have her microchipped just in case anything awful happens.

On this, my most favorite day of the week, I shall be linking up with The Teaching Tribune for the AWESOME linky party they are hosting: FREE Font Friday.  I love fonts so much I do believe I have a problem...'Hello, my name is Erin and I'm addicted to fonts'.  Luckily I know I'm not the only educator with this problem!!!

Today their guest blogger is Karla from Life in Special Education.  She has so many cute fonts and clip art sets in her TPT store, you should go check them out!  She is offering up a FREE font today, called 'One Room Schoolhouse Fun'.  Click the picture below to go over to The Teaching Tribune and grab a copy for yourself!!

How cute is that font??!!  As an added bonus, the font won't take up that much ink when printing so it could be used to create large files or activities.  SCORE!!!

PLEASE don't forget to go back to The Teaching Tribune to get the rest of the AWESOME free fonts other bloggers are offering!!

I have never created a font, so I don't have anything to offer up for FREE Font Friday except my knowledge of some pretty great free fonts.  If you are a Font Addict like myself, you'll want to go snatch these up!!  If you snap up these freebies, please don't forget to leave some feedback for the creator!!  Everyone needs to hear how awesome they are every once in a while!!  :-)

First up I found a really great starter set of fonts at the Wizard of Boz TPT store.  If you like the FREE starter set, make sure to check out the rest of the fonts Abby has for sale!!  Just click on the images to go over to the creators TPT store and grab your freebie!!

There are 11 different handmade fonts in this FREE starter set, and they are an awesome addition to my Font Book!!

The second set I'd like to share with you was created by one of my newest favorite designers, Randi from Teaches Third in Georgia.  I share one of her AMAZING free fonts last Friday, and I have already used it in several new products.  Here is an entire set of FREE fonts that she created.

 This supreme packet contains 19 FREE fonts!!  All of them have a super cute breakfast themed name, and the packet is called 'Breakfast Buffet. So Cute!!  It makes it much easier to find in my font book to, because ALL of her fonts start of with 'TTG' so they are all grouped together.  One of my favorite fonts from this set is the 'Cheerios' font.  It's so scrappy and fun, I just love it!!

I hope you have been able to find a few new fonts to add to your collection!  I know that I look forward to this linky party all week, and my font book has seriously grown in size this summer!!

Have a great holiday weekend, and remember to keep your furry babies safe!!  :-)

This one's my fav, 'cause they're all pit bulls.  I LOVE my pit bull, and think the breed as a whole gets way too bad a rap.  Anywho, that's a post for another day!!  :-)


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