Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two for Tuesday

Tuesday is here!!  That means that I am trying to post while keeping my 5 month old niece occupied, and will have her for the next two days.  Again, I give much credit to all the moms out there who have to juggle family, home, school, TPT, and blog.  You all seriously deserve a cape 'cause y'all are super heroes!!!  But in the end, don't the smiles and belly laughs make it all worth it??

Tuesday also means Two for Tuesday!!  The ladies over at The Teaching Tribune have decided to keep their awesome linky party going every Tuesday, where you can link up and offer two products at half off.  Awesome back to school shopping deals!!

First up is my Number Set Dot & Write Booklet.  Learners should count up the set of dots in a ten-frame and find the matching numeral.  Once they find it, they can use a BINGO dotter to fill in the circle underneath the correct choice.  If you don't have BINGO dotters, just have them color in the circle.  There are also handwriting lines where learners can practice writing the numbers.  If you don't want the handwriting lines, just slice them off before assembling the booklets.
This is a simple activity that is perfect for the beginning of the year, plus it is one that your learners can complete independently while you are meeting with a group.  It's on sale today for only $1.00!! SCORE!!

Next activity I have for Two for Tuesday is another set of Dot & Write booklets, this time focusing on phonics skills.
The set up is the same as the Number Dot & Write Booklet, but this time there is a picture at the top of the page and different letter choices at the bottom.  Learners identify the beginning sound of the picture and fill in the circle underneath the correct letter.

There are two different pictures for each vowel, and one for each consonant.  There are also handwriting lines that learners can use to write the letters or to try and sound out the word.  If you don't want the handwriting lines, just slice them off before putting the booklets together!  This activity is marked down to just $1.50!!

Both of these booklets are a great activity to have for your learners for the beginning of the year, and you can get BOTH of them today for only $2.50!!!!

I hope you grab up these great deals before they're gone, and don't forget to head over to The Teaching Tribune to see who else has linked up with the Two for Tuesday linky party.

For me, Two for Tuesday also means I make TWO posts.  One about The Teaching Tribune's linky party, and the other about the Book Talk Tuesday linky hosted by Mrs. Jump's Class.  Stay tuned for my Book Talk Tuesday post, complete with a FREEIBE!!!


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