Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Makeover Madness

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you teach in my district than today is officially your last day of the school year! Yay, you made it!! Have an amazing summer!! I know that many of you are out of school and some of you have a few days left. Hang in there, summer is so close!!

One of my favorite things about the summer is all of the amazing link ups that various blogs are having! I love all the different topics and challenges! Since I can't walk or do much of anything, these link ups are helping me to stay sane and keeps me involved with our blogging community. The link up that I am writing about today is being hosted by Sparkling in Second, Third in Hollywood, Teach Create Motivate, and PeppyZestyTeacherista! This amazing link up is the TPT Seller Challenge!

Here are my stats for the challenge. My numbers are pretty low, so I have a lot of work to do! I've had my TPT Store and Blog the longest, going on three years now, and those numbers really should be larger. I'm hoping this awesome challenge helps to make them grow!

Week 1 Challenge is Makeover Madness! This is a chance to go back to one of your older products and give it a makeover. Some people just updated the cover and others updated the entire product. I decided to update the entire product.

This product is special to me because it is the very first product I ever created and put in my TPT store. This is a FREEBIE, and was my very first Featured Freebie! Like many creators, we have had facelifts for our products on our To Do Lists for a while now. This challenge gave me the extra push I needed to redo those original products.

In my Before product, I can't believe how different my style has become! Here's what I didn't like about my Before:

I made it in WORD!! I'm not really even sure how, since I have used PowerPoint for so long I can't even remember how to work things around in Word!
Every font and graphic in my Before is a freebie I found! The fonts are from Word and created in WordArt, which is why they're all swirly. 

Nothing pops!! How boring is that cover?? And the number words...yawn!!

The recording sheet didn't even have a border!! GASP!!!

I'm SO GLAD I gave this product a makeover! I am really liking the updated version so much better! Here's what I really like about my After:

The cover POPS! It's really colorful and eye catching, plus it gives a bit of a clue as to what the product is (see the kids holding clipboards?).

I LOVE the new letters for the number words as well as the sparkly leaves for my kinders to count.

And of course I had to make a new recording sheet! The border totally fits with the theme, too!

I am oh-so-grateful for this link up and the push it has given me to makeover my original products! Now I want to completely redo several other products, especially the ones I have made in Word or Notebook. Wow, I have come a LONG WAY since I started this journey almost three years ago! It's so interesting to see how much my style has changed, and to come to terms with the incredible extent of my clipart addiction!!

If you already have this freebie of mine, PLEASE go back and redownload!! If you need a copy, click on the image below to head over to my TPT Store and snag one! Please, please, please follow my store while you're there! Just click on the green star under my name!!

If you want to read about who else is making over their products make sure to click on the image below and head over to this link up!

P.S. - It's not too late to link up with me for Spotlight Saturday! Come shine the Spotlight on one of your favorite ideas or resources!!


  1. Wow! Your updated resource looks amazing! I love the sparkly letters and leaves too! Good luck with the challenge, I think it is going to be awesome!

    1. Thank you so much, I LOVE all things sparkly and glittery!! I totally agree, this challenge has been so awesome so far!
      Thanks so much for leaving such great feedback, I really appreciate it!!!

  2. Love your new cover, especially the rainbow letters for the title! I am amazed that you could create anything in Word - I NEVER use Word, because it frustrates me so much!!!! hahaha
    On another note, your whole blog design is just fantastic :)

    1. Looking back, I'm amazed I could too!! Word and I definitely are not friends and don't really get along! :-) Thank you so much for your compliments to my blog design, Kassie did an amazing job didn't she? Love me some dragons! :-)
      Thanks so much for stopping by, I really really appreciate it!!