Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Scoop

It's Father's Day!! Today I get to celebrate my amazing father, who is stronger than anyone I know. He has taken care of me my entire life, including since the accident in January that left me unable to walk. He has been so patient and caring, and I know there have been times I was cranky!! My dad is an example for what a dad should be, and I'm so lucky to have him as my dad!!

I hope you got to spend Father's Day celebrating with your family! I've been reading about some really awesome Father's Day traditions on Instagram and Facebook today, and they all are so cool! Did you do anything special for Father's Day today?

Since it's Sunday too, I've linked up with Teaching Trio for their super-fun Sunday Scoop linky. This link up allows you to look towards the coming week and see what you have to do, what you hope to do, and what you're happy to do. Teaching Trio even provides an awesome frame to use each week!


I need to use my Krista Wallden planner pads to sketch out my upcoming week! I find it's really helpful to write down what I want to accomplish for the week. This helps hold me accountable and also gives me something to cross off. I LOVE getting to cross things out once I complete them!!

Gotta clean up around here! The struggle is real, folks. I am fighting the never-ending battle of clutter!!
I also need to get some things up on TPT. I've been working on a packet for a while now and I really need to finish it, so I can start something new. Are you someone who needs to finish one project before you start another, or do you have several projects going on at once??


Get a head start on an awesome book study I found about on Instagram. It's being hosted by Time 4 Kindergarten and focuses on Whole Brain Teaching.

I don't know anything about Whole Brain Teaching so I'm excited to learn! I ordered my book from Amazon and hope to get started reading it as soon as it gets here! This is the very first Facebook book study I have participated in, and I can't wait to see how it works! It's not starting until Jun 30th, so you still have plenty of time to go to Time 4 Kindergarten's post and join up with the Facebook group!
I also hope to figure out how to add an Instagram and/or Twitter feed on my blog. I've seen them on the side bars of other blogs and think they look so cool!! If anyone knows how to install that nifty gadget, please let me know!! :-)


I'm happy to go to the doctor's tomorrow and get Round 5 of laser treatments. After tomorrow's treatment the doctor said I'm allowed to be weight-bearing again!! I have to use crutches or a walker for a few weeks, and after a few more laser treatments I should be able to walk with just the brace. I'm so excited to be weight-bearing again!! After tomorrow I'll get to walk around with crutches. I'll be super-slow but I'll be able to use both legs to walk again!! I imagine it'll be sore for a while and take a while to get strength back, but I'm ver excited to get started!!

Come on over to Teaching Trio and link up to share what your week has in store for you! Don't forget to leave comments on some of the other folks who have linked up!!

Don't forget!! You can still link up with us for Spotlight Saturday! Come on over and Spotlight your favorite product, resource, activity, or idea!! I Spotlighted some FREEBIES and an AWESOME blogger T-shirt deal from A + Images!!


  1. I am headed to fill out my Krista planner pad right now!!!! Good luck tomm! And take it easy!!!

    1. Don't you just love your Krista planner?? I'm loving how colorful they are!! Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement! I'm so looking forward to being able to walk again!!

  2. I just got my Krista Wallden Planner set!! Love the bright colors and have been so excited to use them! Good luck with your TpT stuff and with your ankle!!! Have a great week!!

    1. I'm in love with my Krista Wallden planners too!! Have you heard she's making a giant desk calendar?? I'm so excited about that!! :-) Thanks so much for your sweet words, I hope you have a great week too!!

  3. I am looking forward to the book study! You will LOVE WBT! I am so excited for you and your laser treatment tomorrow!! I know you are ready to be on both feet again! Take it easy and good luck:)
    I'll look for the website again on how to add the instagram link to your blog. I'll message you later!!


    1. I'm excited to learn more about WBT!! I've heard so much about it I can't wait to start learning!
      I am SO EXCITED to be able to walk like a normal person again!! It's still a long road to recovery but at least I can use both legs now!! :-) Thanks so much for all your help, you totally rock!!