Saturday, June 20, 2015

Spotlight Saturday: A+ Images, Inc.

It's time for Spotlight Saturday everyone! This Saturday I am Spotlighting some awesome freebies as well as a pretty amazing company!!

First up I wanted to make you aware of some pretty cool freebies that I made. They are super easy to get to, all you have to do is Like my Facebook page!

Once you're on my Facebook page <click on the link above or here> take a peek at the tabs underneath of my cover page and to the right of my profile pic. I have Facebook Fans Only Freebies under the third and fourth tabs, marked 'Fans ONLY' and 'Fans ONLY 2'. By clicking these tabs you will get two exclusive freebies!

One of the freebies is a set of school supply icons. In my classroom we call them our tools. I laminate these and then put magnets on the back and keep them at the front of the room. Every time we begin working on a new activity, I put the icons on the board to show my kinders which tools they will be using. My kiddos learned quickly to check the board to see what they were going to need, and towards the middle of the year I was able to make changing the icons a classroom job. It's a great visual reminder for them!

The second freebie is a sample from a larger pack I have for sale in my TPT store. The year before last I needed a way to bring my classroom together, so I created the Super Friend Awards. Our kinders can earn Super Friend Awards by showing how they are excellent friends that are kind and caring. Included are awards, badges, and bracelets. I found a few capes at the Dollar Tree, and my kinders could wear the cape whenever they earned the award. They really enjoyed getting so show off how the could be Super Friends!

Next, i want to Spotlight an AMAZING deal I came across. One of the best things about being a blogger is getting to 'meet' some really awesome people and getting to learn about some really awesome things from them. Isn't networking great?? My sweet friend Jill from Chevron and Centers posted about a T-shirt deal she had found at A+ Images, Inc. and I knew I had to learn more about it!

This company designs some really awesome T-shirts and they also specialize in Teacher Tees, with some great designs that include sparkly rhinestones. who doesn't love sparklies?? Through my friend Jill I learned about a limited-time promotion this company is having, and I jumped on it right away!!

For a limited time, you can get a custom T-shirt made that is designed around your blog! Did I mention it's FREE!!! The only catch is that you need to give a shout-out to A+ Images and show off your shirt!! That's not really a catch at all, seeing as how we're gonna brag on our blog swag regardless, right??

My incredible shirt came in the mail yesterday, and I really couldn't be happier! They took my incredibly adorable blog logo and turned it into an advertisement that I can wear!

Here's a super close up shot, and you can see the faint chevron design in the background! This shirt was really easy for me to design, all I had to do was visit their website and upload my blog image. They do recommend that you have a high quality image of your logo, at least 300 dpi vector-based (whatever that means). When I had my blog designed, I purchased the logo that was created and it was in a high enough quality to work. If you don't use a high-quality image, then it becomes distorted and fuzzy on your T-shirt. After I visited their site I just had to upload the image and choose the color of the shirt I wanted. I placed my order, and within about a week I was the proud owner of these awesome shirt!

If you want to check this amazing deal out for yourself, click on the image below!

I would suggest doing it quickly, if you haven't already! For those of you that have already ordered a shirt and received yours, I would LOVE to see pictures in the link up!! You can include it as part of your Spotlight Saturday! It's so fun to see so many blogs being represented on T-shirts!

I can't wait to see what you're Spotlighting this week! I created a Spotlight Saturday frame that you can use to help showcase your Spotlight, so feel free to save the image and use it in your blog posts!

All you need to do is right click and save to your desktop or take a screen shot, and then you can add images from your Spotlight onto the marquee.  I can't wait to see how you use it! If you've never linked up before, make sure to read over the rules. If you're already an old pro, skip on down to the link up button! I can't wait to read all about your Spotlights!!

1) You need to spotlight an educational resource that either you have created or you have found from someone else and love! This means you must link up with a blog post you have written putting an activity or idea in the Spotlight. Please do not link directly to a product in Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook or similar sites.
2) If you are Spotlighting a product from your own TPT store or that of another seller, make sure that in your blog post you Spotlight a freebie or a paid product. If you have a freebie and a paid product from the same seller, feel free to use both in your post. If all you have is a freebie, then post about the freebie and how you used it. You can also Spotlight a freebie that someone else created along with a product that you created.
2) Make sure to give credit where credit is due! You will need to include the name of the creator as well as a link to their TPT or Teacher's Notebook store where others can get a copy of the resource as well.
3) Include pictures of the product in your post, either screen shots  or photographs of your kiddos actually using the product. Give us a snapshot, just a brief glimpse into how the product or activity works. Just an image of the cover and one of the pages you have listed in the preview of the activity on TPT would be fine. It gives readers a visual and helps them better understand what your product is all about.
4) Make sure to leave a comment on the post of the two people before your post and the person after. This will help get conversation rolling, and will make sure everyone feels recognized for their efforts!
5) This is not the place to share your frustrations or disappointment with an activity or how you would have done it differently. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase that is a private conversation you need to have with the seller via email. This is not a link up to bash any sellers or their products, and any posts like that WILL BE DELETED!!
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  1. Your shirt looks great! I was so excited about the A+ Images offer! I will be presenting at a conference next month, and I can't wait to rock it!

    I am about to go download your super friend awards! It will be perfect with my theme and my kids can always use a little boost of kindness mid-year. Thanks for being so generous!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars

    1. I remember seeing a picture of your shirt, it looks great!! I think this is such a great offer, I do believe I'll be visiting their site for some more teacher swag, they have so much to choose from!! :-)
      Thanks so much for leaving feedback, you are so sweet!! I hope your kiddos love being Super Friends, since they're already Super Scholars!! :-)

  2. Thank you for the great ideas! I just tried the website to order a shirt, fingers crossed!

    1. That's awesome, I can't wait to see what it looks like!! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving feedback, you rock!! :-)

  3. Another fabulous spotlight saturday by yourself!! I love reading your blog posts. I love your shirt it looks amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm loving the shirt too!! Thanks for linking up each week and leaving comments on the different Spotlights people do, you rock out loud!! :-)