Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thankful for it Thursday

Tomorrow's Friday!! How excited does that make you?? In my district tomorrow is the last day of school for students. Teachers go until next Wednesday, but I know they're beyond ready to get their summers started!

Today I am linking up with Kinder Korner for her Thankful for it Thursday link up! It's a sweet little linky where you celebrate something from the week that you're thankful for. It's a good way to remind yourself of all the positive and happy things going on in your life.

I have a few things I'm thankful for that I'd like to share with you this week!

This week I have scheduled my next month's worth of laser surgery treatments for my ankle. For those of you who may not know, in January I was in a pretty bad car wreck.

My car was completely totaled. I spent a few nights in the hospital and broke a pretty important bone in my ankle. All in all, it could have been so much worse! I haven't been able to walk since the accident due to the damage done to my ankle. I have been non-weight bearing for about 5 months now and I'm going CRAZY!! However, I know it could have been so much worse. I'm very thankful that I made it out of that wreck with pretty minor injuries. I could have died. 
Since my ankle was so damaged, I haven't been able to put weight on it. I went to an Ortho Dr. who originally gave me the wrong advice and I ended up doing more harm than good to myself and my recovery. Luckily at the end of March I was able to find an incredible foot and ankle doctor. He believes I will be able to be up and walking in a few months, and he has suggested laser surgery treatments to bring the circulation and blood flow back to my ankle and decrease the swelling. I have had three treatments so far and can already notice a difference. My ankle is less swollen and I can feel pins and needles returning, whereas before I couldn't feel anything.

I have three more treatments this month and then we'll reevaluate the situation. While I am so very frustrated at not being able to walk, I am thankful that I will walk again someday and that I no longer take something as simple as walking for granted!

Since I've been at home on the couch for months and months and months it has given me more time to focus on my blog and TPT Store and other social media outlets. I have been so lucky to 'meet' some incredibly wonderful people!

Two of my new favorite friends are Jackie from Pocket of Preschool and Jill from Chevron and Centers! They are so incredibly sweet and it is so nice to have teacher-friends to share ideas with and keep each other on track. I am thankful for the amazing people I have been lucky enough to 'meet' and can't wait until we're all able to meet at the Vegas conference. Not this year, due to my being non-ambulatory, but I'm hoping we'll all be able to go next year and get to know each other in person!

This has been a fun linky where I can focus on what I have to be thankful for! If you would like to read what other bloggers are thankful for, or if you want to link up and share with us, just click on the image below!

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  1. Aw, You have been through A LOT since January. I hope your surgeries continue to show improvements and that you are up and walking again really, really soon! Keep your chin up and smile on...Blessings to you,