Monday, June 22, 2015

One Item That Means the World to Me

I have A LOT of posts to write today!! So many of my favorite linkies start on a Monday, and I don't want to miss any!! First up is the Weekly Summer Link Up with Monica from I Heart Grade 3!

This week's topic is One Item That Means the World to Me! This was tricky, since there are so many important items in my life that I absolutely love and can't live without. Things like my phone and my planner and my To Do Lists, I'd be lost without. However, for this week I chose to talk about an item that I use every day and even more so during the school year. That would have to be my MacBook Pro.

I can't begin to describe how much I rely on this piece of technology. Not only do I use my MacBook for all things TPT and blogging, but it is also how I type up my lesson plans and create SMART Board lessons. There have been times during the school year where I have had to give my laptop to the technology department for different issues, and once or twice I was without it for WEEKS!! I literally had to rethink how I taught. We use the SMART Board every single day all day long, for EVERYTHING!! When I'm not able to use it I have to find so much else for my kinders to do, and it's never as interactive or as fun as when I can use the laptop to hook up to the SMART Board. No joke, there was a point where I got so desperate that I lugged over a desktop to set it up on my desk just so I could hook up to the SMART Board!

Luckily my school has the newest iMacs, so it isn't too heavy to carry across the room to set up on my desk. However, it is a pain to set up all the wires and whatnot. 

I love my laptop that it has begun to feel like an extension of myself. Whenever I have to hand it over to the tech department I feel like I'm giving up the use of one of my limbs!! I'm always terrified that they'll have to 're-clone' it and wipe my memory drive completely clean. This has happened before, so I have to make sure to back everything up to my external hard drive before I give my computer over. While I know there are plenty of teachers out there who don't use a computer or a SMART Board when they teach, but I have become spoiled with years and years of great tech tools to take advantage of. So spoiled that I am left scrambling when I don't have my laptop or the SMART Board crashes.

I would definitely be at a loss without my MacBook pro, and I have used one for so many years now that I don't know the slightest thing about how to work a PC! This incredibly expensive piece of technology is one item that means the world to me!!

Don't forget to come on over to I Heart Grade 3 and read about what other bloggers can't live without! Feel free to link up while you're there and share the one thing that means the world to you!

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  1. I know what you mean about relying on your laptop. It would be hard to get everything done without it. Did you find it hard to learn to use a Mac? I've heard they are good, but I am not sure how complicated they are compared to a PC.

    1. I would so have a hard time if I lost my laptop, I'm glad I'm not the only one!! :-) I've been using a Mac for going on 11 years now, and I've found that the operating systems are so much faster than when I had a PC. It wasn't too tricky to make the switch, and pretty soon it became habit for me. Now I can't imagine using anything else but a Mac! I love how smoothly the applications run and how fast everything works! I can have upwards of five applications open and running at once, and the loading/processing speeds never slow down. I am definitely a Mac now! :-)
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such great feedback, I really appreciate it!!

  2. I love my MacBook Pro! Isn't it crazy how technologically dependent we are! You and your students are very lucky to have Mac's at school. We are still using the old PC desktops that I am sure could be considered dinosaurs. It's frustrating. My husband has a PC laptop and I am trying to get him to switch for a Mac but he is pretty stubborn when it comes to his computer! lol!

    Thanks again for linking up!


    1. I agree, we are definitely technologically dependent!! I'm amazed each and every year at just how techno savvy my kindergarteners are every year! We are very lucky at our school, each classroom has 3 desktops and we have 2 computer labs, stocked full of the newest Macs. Our kiddos have a lot of opportunities to interact with technology!
      I honestly don't know if I'd be able to work a PC after all these years with my Mac! Good luck converting your hubby!
      Thanks so much for reading and leaving feedback, I have a lot of fun with your weekly link up!!

  3. Hopped on over from Monica's summer linky :). I love my Macbook Pro too! It truly is like an extension of myself. The first school that I was at still used PC, so when I moved to my new school I was elated that they had apple products. For me, syncing all of my apple tech is an added bonus.

    1. I agree with you, I'm super attached to my MacBook Pro!!! :-) Our school district is definitely Apple friendly!!
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read and leave feedback, it really means a lot!!