Monday, July 27, 2015

Must Read Monday: Just For Fun Books

Today is Monday, and I know that many of you are back for your first day today! I hope you are able to get some work done in your classroom while you're attending your PD sessions and staff meetings!
I have a few more weeks left before I have to head back. Don't hate, there are teachers that go back even later than I do!! :-)
I am linking up today with Kindergarten Planet and The Kindergarten Connection for their incredibly awesome Must Read Monday linky party!!

This incredibly awesome weekly link up allows us to share our favorite books based on a given topic! At the end of this post you can find links to my other Must Read Monday posts to check out more of my favorites!
This week the topic is Just For Fun Books!!! I had a lot of tun going through the inventory I am working on of my class library. Whenever I came to a title that made me smile I added to my list! Then, of course, I had to narrow that rather extensive list down some for this post!! There's no such thing as having too many books, right?? :-) These are some of my favorite books that are guaranteed to make my kinders laugh!!

Aliens Love Underpants is ALWAYS a huge hit in my classroom. I can't even read the title or show the cover without causing a serious case of giggles in my kinders!
This silly story starts off with aliens on their home planet expressing their love for underpants. They love all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. When the aliens invade Earth, they aren't here for world domination! Oh no, they just want our underwear!! The aliens love underpants so much that they happily steal several pairs and wear them on their hands, heads, feet, and everywhere else they can fit them! This story is so much fun, right up until the aliens head back to their home!
This story can lead to fun writing activities, as well as patterns, colors, and sorting.

Another book that starts the giggles off just by reading the title is Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems. This book is a huge hit in my classroom, and let's be honest. Is there a Mo Willems book that isn't awesome???
In this story Wilbur the Naked Mole Rat is unlike any member of his colony. He actually WANTS to wear clothes! He LOVES clothes!! Like, walk-in-closets full of clothes loves them!! He has clothes for every occasion, from going to the beach to going skiing to visiting the moon! However, wearing clothes is just not okay in Wilbur's family. Everyone in his family and his colony attempt to talk some sense into Wilbur, he was supposed to be naked. After all, it was in their name! No matter what anyone said, Wilbur couldn't stop wearing clothes. Things get interested when Grandpah, the oldest, wisest, and most naked Naked Mole Rat ever, finds out Wilbur's secret!
This book can lead to very interesting conversations about family and how it feels not to fit in. Wilbur was different than everyone in his family and they all wanted him to change, but Wilbur sticks to his guns. This can also lead to a discussion about how important it is to be yourself, not who other people want you to be.

Waking Dragons is one of my all-time favorite books. With my obsession being what it is, I compulsively snatch up every book with the word 'dragon' in the title. This one I was even more excited about because I got it from Scholastic accompanied by the CD. That means I get to put it out at my Listening Center and my kinders can enjoy listening to it!
In this story, a young knight is responsible for waking up two young dragons and helping them get ready for school. Most of the humor comes from the incredible size difference between the knight and his young charges. The knight is smaller than each dragon's head, so he has to get creative when helping them to get ready for school. From catapulting waffles into their mouths to using a fire extinguisher to cover their toothbrush with tooth paste, the laughter continues as the pages turn. 
This is a great book to talk about the importance of schedules and routines, and can lead into a discussion or activity about how your kiddos get ready for school each morning. 

The Monster Who Lost His Mean is such a cute story about a young monster who doesn't know where he fits in!
In his world, Monsters were supposed to be Mean. It was your one-of-a-kind-M, and without it you're just an Onster. But this little monster doesn't want to be mean and scary. He wants to help others, cook fun meals, water flowers, and do all sorts of things real Monsters aren't supposed to do. The other Monsters make fun of him so much that he is determined to find his M and be a real monster. His attempts are hilarious, and the lesson he learns about being yourself comes from a very unlikely source!
This book is great for discussions about staying true to who you are and not allowing the thoughts, actions, and opinions of others to influence your own actions. Great lesson in such a funny story!!

Little Pea is such a sweet story! I love getting the chance to read it to my kinders each year!
There is a strict rule in Little Pea's family. If you don't eat all your candy and sweets for dinner, than you are not allowed to have your dessert of vegetables. All of the Peas eat cakes, cookies, candies, and every other sort of sweet and yummy dessert items. Little Pea, though, isn't like all of the other Peas. He isn't crazy about all that sugar. In fact, he'd rather eat fruits and vegetables all day long instead. It is quite the ordeal to get Little Pea to eat his sweets. There is much complaining, arguing, and whining. Little Pea takes the teeniest bites possible from his cookies and cakes and tries not to gag as his parents make him eat more. Will Little Pea ever get to eat the yummy vegetables and fruits that he craves??
This story is so funny! It's such a great twist on kiddos who have a hard time eating their vegetables! Many kids can relate to how Pea feels at dinner when he is given something he doesn't like. It's a great way to start talking about food preferences and the importance of healthy eating!

I could go on and on and on talking about my favorite Just for Fun books!! I hope you've been able to learn about a new book! Here are the links to my previous Must Read Monday posts.
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 I can't wait to read everyone else's book choices, and you can too by clicking on the image below to head back to the link up!

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  1. Aw, those books are so cute. I have a few more to add to my shopping list now!

    1. I love getting to add new books to my list!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!! :-)

  2. I had a little guy with a dragon obsession last year, and he brought Waking Dragons to school to share. I loved it so much that his mom bought me my own copy for teacher appreciation week. Kids really do love anything with the word underwear or underpants in it, don't they? Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I just smile every time I read it!! Yes, our Littles are definitely obsessed with all things underwear!!!
      Thanks so much for reading about my favorite just for fun books and for leaving such great feedback!!

  3. I love the Monster who Lost his Mean and just about everything Mo Willems writes so I will have to go check that and the book books out! This is the time of the year that I do a little back to school shopping of my own and get my library all rejuvenated for the new year!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Laura ~ First Grade SPies

    1. I love back to school shopping, though I'm guilty of school shopping all year long!! I would definitely recommend any of these books for a great laugh!!
      Thanks so much for reading about my faves and leaving such great feedback!!

  4. These books look great, and many of them are new to me! I would love to read The Monster Who Lost His Mean - that is definitely going on my purchase list! (Along with many others I am sure!) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Isn't learning about new books so much fun?? :-) I have added so many new titles to my Wish List since this link up started!
      Thank you so much for reading my book choices, and I'm so glad I was able to share a new title or two with you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great start to the new school year!!