Saturday, July 18, 2015

Spotlight Saturday: Tweets from Kindergarten

Happy Saturday my friends!! I'm here to share this week's Spotlight Saturday!!

For anyone who doesn't know, Spotlight Saturday is a weekly link up that is pretty much a Teacher's Show and Tell. We get to share our favorite products, tips, tricks, activities, resources, and ideas!! I love getting to read all of the different posts each week, and I have found some really amazing resources!

This week I am Spotlighting Marta from Tweets from Kindergarten!

I am so lucky to have gotten a chance to meet her through all of the different social media link ups! I just LOVE her blog name and theme, isn't it the cutest??

She has some really amazing creations in her TPT Store and they are definitely worth a look!! Today I am going to showcase two of her products that I can't wait to use this year!!

I'd like to share with you an incredibly cute freebie that I found in her store! She has pages of freebies, make sure to check them all out!!

This is an awesome freebie for the beginning of the year! It is perfect to hand out to the parents of my kinders during our entry conferences! What a fun way to help them feel less nervous about the first day of school!! I love all things glitter, so it will be fun to make up bags of glitter to go with these cute poems! In the freebie, the poems come four to a sheet!

Next, I wanted to share with you one of the amazing paid products from Marta's store. I KNOW this one is going to be a big hit in my classroom this year!!

My kinders LOVE all things Pete the Cat, do yours? This packet of Marta's is perfect for the first day of school, and has some really great writing prompts too! The students can write about themselves in the classroom as well as write about what they did the first day! There are also several different sequencing activities as well as two easy readers. To top it all off, there is an incredibly adorable sneaker craftivity to use with the writing pages! This is going to make such an adorable bulletin board display during the beginning of the year!! I'm so glad I was able to snag this packet of hers!!

You can find the products I showcased by clicking on their image below.

Here's how you can get in touch with Marta on her social media platforms!




I would love to have you link up too! I am so excited each week to learn about all the new ideas out there! Read the rules and then link up below!! Feel free to use either the Spotlight Saturday graphic from the top of this post, or the one below!

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2) If you are Spotlighting a product from your own TPT store or that of another seller, make sure that in your blog post you Spotlight a freebie or a paid product. If you have a freebie and a paid product from the same seller, feel free to use both in your post. If all you have is a freebie, then post about the freebie and how you used it. You can also Spotlight a freebie that someone else created along with a product that you created.
2) Make sure to give credit where credit is due! You will need to include the name of the creator as well as a link to their TPT or Teacher's Notebook store where others can get a copy of the resource as well.
3) Include pictures of the product in your post, either screen shots  or photographs of your kiddos actually using the product. Give us a snapshot, just a brief glimpse into how the product or activity works. Just an image of the cover and one of the pages you have listed in the preview of the activity on TPT would be fine. It gives readers a visual and helps them better understand what your product is all about.
4) Make sure to leave a comment on the post of the two people before your post and the person after. This will help get conversation rolling, and will make sure everyone feels recognized for their efforts!
5) This is not the place to share your frustrations or disappointment with an activity or how you would have done it differently. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase that is a private conversation you need to have with the seller via email. This is not a link up to bash any sellers or their products, and any posts like that WILL BE DELETED!!
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  1. Just headed over to her to check out her freebies - WOW there are loads! They all look great too! I love your spotlights, I always get to find new people to store-stalk! I love finding other seller and new fun products/activities to use! I've never really heard of Pete the Cat! But being in ASD School we don't tend to use a whole lot of kids story books so maybe i've missed it! It looks so much fun!!

    Teaching Autism

    1. I'm so glad you were able to check out her store!! She has some awesome creations!
      My favorite part of the link up is getting to learn about new sellers and activities, I'm so glad you like it too!
      Pete the Cat is a HUGE hit in my room, not only do we read the books but we watch the YouTube videos of the books too!
      Thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. Dear Erin, what a amazing surprise this morning when I saw your spotlight is about me! My goodness, you are incredible! It really is an honor for me to be in your blog! It is also so much fun to participate in the weekly linky Spotlight Saturday! I couldn't have picked a better linky to be part off!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Tweets From Kindergarten

    1. Aww, I'm so glad you enjoyed the Spotlight! I can't wait to use your Pete the Cat craftivity and I had to share how awesome it was!
      I'm so glad that you are participating in Spotlight Saturday, I love learning about all the ideas out there! Thank you so much!
      Have a wonderful week!!

  3. I do the Jitter Glitter and I love it! It was so much fun to hand out. One of our fifth grade teachers asked if she could have some too. haha

    1. That's awesome!! There's just something about glitter!! :-)
      Thank you so much, and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

  4. I just stumbled upon your ADORABLE blog today and LOVE this link-up! I'll definitely be checking this out next Saturday. I always feel like I use so many other sellers' products and other than the feedback on TpT, can never really give it all the praise it deserves!
    Daisy Designs

    1. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you're going to link up! I totally agree about wanting to give such awesome educators the credit they deserve for creating such awesome resources! I want this link up to be all about us showcasing and helping each other! Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words, it really means a lot! I can't wait to read your Spotlight Saturday!!

  5. Love this Link Up Erin! BTW- your blog is ADORABLE! I am so bad about getting on and blogging and look at you! YOU ROCK!

    1. Thank you so much!! I can't take much credit for the blog design, that was all Designs by Kassie!! She did such an incredibly wonderful job, and I love getting to blog each day on such and adorable blog!! I'm so glad that you like Spotlight Saturday and that you have linked up too! I LOVE reading all of your awesome posts!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such incredibly great feedback, I really appreciate your support and encouragement!! YOU ROCK TOO!! :-)

  6. I love this idea Erin! I had seen it in another blog few weeks ago but I didn´t stop and paid attention :( Sorry! I will definitely start doing this!! I already following you! :) I will link up on this soon!
    Magically in First

  7. I love this idea Erin! I had seen it in another blog few weeks ago but I didn´t stop and paid attention :( Sorry! I will definitely start doing this!! I already following you! :) I will link up on this soon!
    Magically in First