Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spotlight Saturday: Little Kinder Warriors

Happy Saturday everyone! I know there are some of you who have gone back to school yet and others are still enjoying summer! Make the most of the time you have left!
Today is Saturday, so that means it's time for another installment of Spotlight Saturday!!

Spotlight Saturday is a link up that was created to act like a Teacher's Show and Tell. There are so many amazing products, ideas, resources, activities, tips, tricks, classroom decor, organization ideas, and so much more! Spotlight Saturday gives you a chance to showcase some of your favorites! Tell us all about them and how you use them in your classroom, and maybe we can use them too! This link up is all about sharing information that can make our classroom lives easier and more awesome!

This week I would like to shine the Spotlight on Katie from Little Kinder Warriors!!

I'm sure most of you already know all about Katie and her awesome creations, but I recently found an incredible packet of hers and I just had to tell you about it!
You know how I do Spotlight Saturday, first I'll tell you about a freebie you can find in her store and then I'll tell you about the packet I bought. You're gonna love them both!!

First up is a cute little freebie I found in her store. How many of you read this book with your kiddos?

I LOVE this book, and not just because of the sweet story line with the color changing mice and the adorable illustrations. This book is perfect for teaching about colors, as well as a great lead in to a science experiment for mixing two primary colors to make secondary colors!
Not only do my kinders LOVE listening to this story but they love the science experiment even more! We always practice mixing colors after reading this story, and Katie has created a wonderful little freebie to help with this!!
Her freebie contains two pages, the first is a page of instructions and the next is an adorable little recording sheet! In the instructions Katie tells you how to set up a science center with different colors of water and pipets, and students practice mixing the colors of the mice on the recording sheet. They would then use crayons to color all of the mice, the two by code and the third after mixing the two colors.
This is such a great little experiment to have your kiddos complete after reading the book!

I recently stumbled across an AMAZING packet from Katie that I just had to have!! I wanted the 'Growing Bundle', but you can buy each one separately as well. 
How many of you use these blocks in your classroom?

I use them during Math with Self and Math with Someone rotations, not to mention different small guided group lessons. I have some mats where students can make different animals, and the mats are all brightly colored and match the colors of the blocks. You probably have those mats too.
My kinders LOVE using the mats, but all too soon they begin to loose interest in making the same animals over and over again.
Enter Katie's AMAZING product that I found!!
Katie created a Pattern Blocks Bundle!! Each month she has created different mats that go along with the season, holidays, and themes that occur during those months!

Here's a closer look at the August and September pack.

She has included several mats that fit perfectly with August and September. Students practice shapes, and this is HUGE because they are creating larger shapes by using one or more smaller shapes. That's a Common Core Standard!!
There are also several fun mats to fit the time period, including a school house, pencil, the chicka-chicka tree, bear, and everyone's favorite cat! Each mat has three different versions to help you differentiate. Check out the Pete the Cat mats, those are the three different styles. One where students fill in the missing blocks, another where they are given only the outline, and a third where they are given only and empty space and must build their own.
How AWESOME is that?? Not only can you differentiate, but you can challenge your students with new, harder mats as they complete each one. This is a way to make each set of mats last several weeks. How perfect is that??

Oh but it gets better!!!

Katie has include spinners and a rolling cube for each packet. This way students can work on the mats together, taking turns spinning or rolling in order to complete the picture. You could also have students working on the mats alone use the spinner/roller in order to make the activity last longer. 

But WAIT, there's MORE!!!

Katie has included FOUR different response sheet, each one different from the last. Here is a glimpse of two! See all the different math skills that are being covered with these sheets? The other two cover even more.
Best thing is, you don't have to use these recording sheets unless you want to. They are not necessary to complete the pattern blocks mats, but they can be used interchangeably with every mat she created!

It's a growing bundle because at the moment it is missing the months of November, December, and January. However, the rest of the months are covered and they are AWESOME! I bought the bundle, but you don't have to!! You can buy each month separately, and start with the August/September pack to see how you like the activity!!
I am SO EXCITED to use this in my classroom this year, I know my kinders are going to love all the different choices. I love all the different parts that Katie included to make this bundle even more awesome!!!

If you want to check out these products for yourself, click on one of the images below to head over and snag one!

Mouse Paint Freebie <click image>

Pattern Blocks Bundle <click image>
REMEMBER, you don't have to buy the whole bundle. You can buy each pack separately if you want.

Now that I've shown you how awesome Katie from Little Kinder Warriors is, here's how you can find her on social media.




Make sure to check her out and leave her some feedback love!!
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  1. Hi, Erin, I really liked the set to use with Mouse Paint. I will grab one for sure!
    Also, how clever to put those plastic shapes to good and fun use! Certainly another wonderful Spotlight!
    Thank you so much for hosting it!
    Tweets From Kindergarten

    1. Isn't that Mouse Paint freebie so cute! It's so perfect for a science center!! I was SO EXCITED to find so many fun activities for the buckets of pattern blocks I have!
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read my Spotlight and to leave such wonderful feedback, I really appreciate it!!

  2. Oh Wow - i've never heard of that book before now, I googled it - it looks amazing WOW! I also love her resources- perfect! I love your Spotlights every Saturday because it means we can find new teachers to get resources from, there are so many fabulous teachers with fabulous ideas and resources at the ready!

    Teaching Autism

    1. I'm so glad you've been introduced to 'Mouse Paint'!! It is such a wonderful book for the classroom!! They have 'Mouse Count' too, which involves counting forwards and backwards!!
      I'm so glad you enjoy the Spotlight Saturday link up, it really means so very much to me that you've linked up each week! I'm so glad to read your Spotlights each week!!
      Thank you so much for reading my Spotlight and leaving such awesome feedback, I really appreciate it!!