Thursday, July 16, 2015

Share and Prepare: I Love My Letter and Number Shoes

Happy Thursday everyone! I know that many of you teachers out West have been working in your classrooms and getting ready for the new year! I can't wait to see pics of your classroom and how the beginning of your year is going!!

This is perfect for me! We head back to school mid-August, and time is just a'tickin' away!! In order to help get ready for the upcoming school year I have lined up with Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tale. She is hosting a summer linky where we can all link up and share our favorite back to school products and help each other prepare for the new year!!

So far I have been able to share my Color the Room pack, which helps kinders get used to the rules and routines of Write the Room without actually having to write anything.

The second activity I shared was another beginning of the year Write the Room activity called Which is Which? where students must differentiate between a letter and a number.

I decided to stick with the Write the Room theme for this week's Share and Prepare! After my kinders have used the above activities to practice how to complete Write the Room activities, then they are ready to move on to different styles of Write the Room. 

As I imagine is the same in every kindergarten classroom everywhere, my kinders each year fall in love with a certain blue-furred, sneaker-wearing, singing star of a super cool cat!! You all know who I'm talking about!! My kinders can't get enough of those Pete the Cat books!! I created a letter and a number activity based on our favorite story!

'I Love My Letter Shoes!!' is a Write the room activity where students are matching up the uppercase and lowercase letter pairs, or 'letter buddies'. The recording sheets are broken up so you could either put up all of the alphabet posters and staple the recording sheets together for students to work on finding the entire alphabet at once, or you could put up the alphabet in chunks and work on one recording sheet at a time. 
Students will have a recording sheet with capital letters on it, that match the posters you will hang around the room. Students must find the posters that feature the capital letters on their recording sheet. Once they locate a poster, they must decide which is the correct letter buddy, or the matching lowercase letter. Students are to write that letter on their sheets and color the shoe on their recording sheets to match the color of the shoe above the correct letter buddy. So for example, if a student was looking at the 'Q' poster, they would find the 'Q' on their recording sheet and write the lowercase 'q' on the lines and color the shoe orange, since it is the orange shoe that the 'q' is under.

To go along with my theme, I also created an 'I Love My Number Shoes!!' Write the Room activity! For this one, students have a recording sheet with a numeral in a box with a shoe. Students must search the room to find the poster that has the set of dots which match the numbers on the recording sheets. There are more cards than you need for one week because each number (that can be) is represented in two different ways using black and red dots. DO NOT PUT ALL OF THE POSTERS UP AT ONCE!!! Choose the recording sheets you want to use and then put up the matching number posters, remembering to only put up one combination per number. This way you can use this activity two weeks in a row with different ways to represent the numbers. Great way to help improve that number sense!!

If you would like a copy for yourself they will be 50% OFF ALL DAY today!! Just click on the images below!!!  <**That means you can get them both for $2.50!!!> <***My newest creation Animal Alphabet is also 50% OFF all day today! You could get ALL THREE activities for $5.00!! I doubt they will ever be available like that again!> 

**OR** You could try your luck with the Rafflecopter below! Enter to win BOTH of these packs, and use them in your classroom during the first few weeks of school. Nice, easy Write the Room activities to help kiddos get used to the process!

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Swing on back to Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tale to see who else has linked up to share their favorite beginning of the year products and activities!! You can link up to share yours, too!!

It's not too late to link up for Spotlight Saturday! It's a Teacher's Show and Tell of favorite products, activities, resources, ideas, dollar finds, organization tips, classroom decor, and anything else you about your classroom that you want to share!


  1. Your Pete the Cat activities are adorable! I entered! :)

    1. Thank you so much, you're so sweet!! I'm so glad you entered, good luck!! :-)

  2. LOVE your Alphabet shoes!!! That is adorable and such a creative idea!! The kids will go nuts over it! :)
    Moore to Learn

    1. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you like it!! My kinders definitely love all things Pete!!
      Thanks so much for reading and leaving such great feedback, I really appreciate it!!

  3. Erin, you seriously have the best ideas! Your students must have so much fun being in your class. Love how creative you are. Thanks so much for linking up! You inspire me!!
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

    1. You are just way too sweet! :-) Thank you so much for such kind words, it really means a lot to me!! I'm so glad you are hosting such a fun link up!!
      Thank you so much for reading and leaving such incredibly sweet feedback, you're awesome!!