Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Product Giveaway

Hey friends!! I've been working really hard on getting some back to school TPT products up! I have been creating some activities to help address the beginning of the year kindergarten skills. I'd like to share with you the three activities I just finished!

I found a whole class set of BINGO daubers at The Dollar Tree, in every color I could think of! I grabbed as many as I could, and then decided to create some activities to go with them! I know my kinders LOVE using BINGO daubers, and these packets are perfect for incorporating into daily learning. But if you don't have BINGO daubers, no worries! You can have your kiddos use crayons or markers! Here's a closer look at these activities.

Dot-A-Letter packet focuses on the uppercase, lowercase, and beginning sounds of letters. There are three different dotting mats, and each mat has its own set of cards. Laminate the cards, cut them out, and put them in a bin/bucket for students to pull from. As they pull each card they'll find the corresponding letter on the dotting sheet. The sheet with lowercase letters on it has uppercase cards to go with it, the sheet with the uppercase letters has lowercase cards to go with it, and a second lowercase letters dotting sheet has a set of beginning sounds cards to go with it. This will hopefully help you to differentiate in your classroom! 
If a student is using the uppercase mat, he will pull out lowercase cards and search for their matching letter buddy to dot it. There is also a lowercase mat with uppercase cards to find the letter buddies matches. Finally, a third lowercase mat has students pulling cards with simple word pictures on them. Students identify the beginning letter of each word and dot it on the mat.

The Dot-A-Number packet has the same flow as the Dot-A-Letter packet. For the Number pack, there are two mats with several sets of cards to go with each. The first mat focuses on the numerals 0-10 while the second mat focuses on the numerals 11-20.
Students have several card choices to use for the two mats. They can pull a numeral card to match up to the numeral on the mat. They can also pull a ten-frame card, a number word card, a finger set card, or a number combinations card. I tried to include at least two combinations for every number. You can mix and match these cards, the more ways students can recognize a number the better! The dotting mat with 11-20 has the same types of cards that the 0-10 dotting mat has.

Finally I created a pack to work on colors and color words, Dot-A-Color. This one is slightly different than the other two. There is a color word dotting sheet that can go with several sets of cards. One set of cards has the matching color word, another set has real-life objects that match each color, and the third set is colored paint splatters (there is a black and white version of the paint splatters cards too, in case you want to save your ink and color them in yourself!). There are also several different dot by code sheets included. Each sheet has a key using four pictures coded by color words. Students must read the color words and find the matching pictures on the mat to dot in with the same color.

I think these activities are going to be a huge hit in my room this year, especially since they get to use the BINGO daubers! I can't wait to try them out!! If you'd like to try to win all three, enter the Rafflecopter below! I'll announce winners this weekend!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't want to wait? No worries! These three activities are 50% OFF ALL DAY TODAY!! That means that you can scoop all three packs for a grand total of $3 for TODAY ONLY! Follow the links below to head to my TPT store and add them to your cart! (If you buy them and then win them, you can pick a product of equal value from my store!)
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I'd love to know what you think! Leave me some feedback love in the comments!


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